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Re: [CelticCafe] Article - Flatley in talks to back US Irish TV channel

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  • Quall Jeannie
    Oh how wonderful. I hope they put it on cable so I can get it in Wisconsin. Although I have loads of DVD s, videos, and CD s, I just can t get enough of it.
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 30, 2005
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      Oh how wonderful. I hope they put it on cable so I
      can get it in Wisconsin.
      Although I have loads of DVD's, videos, and CD's, I
      just can't get enough of it.

      --- Alex Szabo <alexsz@...> wrote:

      > Flatley in talks to back US Irish TV channel
      > DANCER Michael Flatley has begun talks to back a new
      > US TV channel
      > called The Irish Channel America.
      > The channel, which is the brainchild of Lyrics Board
      > creator Andy Ruane,
      > is due to officially launch on St Patrick's Day next
      > year.
      > Contacted in the States yesterday, Mr Ruane said: "I
      > can't confirm or
      > deny who we are talking to. There are a number of
      > interested parties
      > talking to PwC Corporate Finance who are advising
      > us."
      > Mr Flatley appears to give the game away, however,
      > in a recent
      > interview: "I've begun negotiations to try to start
      > up the first Irish
      > television station in America - it's not an area I
      > could describe as my
      > forte. But does it need to be done? No question."
      > Other than the Irish America Channel, there is no
      > other channel
      > targeting Irish Americans planned for the US.
      > Mr Flatley was unavailable to comment this week, as
      > he was unveiling his
      > new show in Madison Square Garden, New York.
      > Mr Ruane, whose company is called the Anner Media
      > Group, said his
      > station was proceeding ahead of schedule and was due
      > to trial live
      > pictures from Dublin into the US within five weeks.
      > Launching the new channel has required a ?20m-plus
      > investment by Anner
      > Media.
      > It will initially target pockets of Irish Americans
      > in the New
      > England/Boston area and around New York/New Jersey.
      > Mr Ruane's ultimate
      > plans appear to be much more ambitious, however.
      > "There are 35 million Irish Americans who don't have
      > their own TV
      > station and that is a disgrace!" he said.
      > "Every other ethnic community is represented in
      > television terms in
      > North America except the Irish.
      > "If I didn't do this I would regret it for the rest
      > of my life. There is
      > a million and one reasons for doing and not one for
      > not doing it."
      > The station already has a foothold in about 250,000
      > homes in the US and
      > will earn revenues through subscriptions,
      > advertising and shopping
      > promotions.
      > It will use material from all Irish broadcasters.
      > Tom Lyons

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