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New Deep Sky Image in 2 hours

Hello All, I too, was dealing with rainy skies, as others were, so I rushed to create this image in about 2 hours. Here is my best attempt at M11, since I did
6:10 PM
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need clear skies

This is what I did today, just two hours and I had to pick up with rain coming.
Jul 1


I still have mount issues being worked out, I would like a larger chip size camera. Tuning the pressure filters needs wok and I don't have the Micro-Touch
Jun 30

Re: New Solar scope

http://starizona.com/acb/Lunt-LS80THa-PT-Solar-Telescope---B1800---Feathertouch-P3162C544.aspx Joe   From: "Bill At Cox cvmonk1@...
Joseph Rome
Jun 26

Re: New Solar scope

I may have missed it but what is the scope? Sent from my iPhone Bill
Bill At Cox
Jun 26

New Solar scope

Still testing, and the rest of the scope gets here Tuesday. https://www.flickr.com/photos/42637403@N06/19165991371/in/dateposted-public/
Jun 26

New Celestron USB cable

Hello fellow astronomers. I just want to let you know there is a new Kickstarter project to produce an all-in-one cable that allows you to control your mount
Jun 21

Today's sun June 20th White Light.

Today's sun June 20th It has been some time since I imaged the Sun. White Light. Imaging Source 618 mono and Canon 5D MKII on CGEMDX C-11 F/7 reducer
D Pasternak
Jun 20

Re: [solar-observers] Chance Capture

Hi Brian, Everyone keeps asking if it is HDR? No it is not HDR - I have only done 1 or 2 black and white moon photos in HDR thus far. I am using a 77mm
D Pasternak
Jun 16

Would you believe another lucky shot?

Would you believe another lucky shot? https://www.flickr.com/photos/92681330@N06/18661225510/in/photostream/ Thanx for looking Daniel Pasternak
D Pasternak
Jun 15

Chance Capture

Hi Groups, I have not had much luck this year with my Astrophotography, due to weather and building my astroshed for the CGEM/C-11 But I took this photo
D Pasternak
Jun 11

Anyone Connect a Celestron to AstroPlanner

I am considering a Celestron Evolution purchase and want to drive it with AstroPlanner. I know it has a wifi connection, but I don't have/don't want
Jun 4

Re: Celestron CGEM DX1100 Mount + Autoguider Comm Problem

try the USB 2 port for all your guiding and controle. Starshoot works bad on USB3. Le 2015-06-01 09:00, "wespectmyauthoritah@... [Celestron-Uncensored]"
Jun 1

Moon from Saturday

I have only had the mojo and the weather/clear skies to set up 2 times so far this year, I had better skies in Buenos Aires. I did the capture with the Canon
D Pasternak
Jun 1

Celestron CGEM DX1100 Mount + Autoguider Comm Problem

Hello Everyone, I am having a communication problem between my Celestron CGEM DX1100 mount and (off-axis) Orion Star Shoot autoguider, and I am hoping that
Jun 1
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