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FLT Trailhead Parking - Automotive GPS Coordinates and Parking Info - NEW

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  • Joe Dabes
    New and attached here (and on our website) is a PDF document with GPS coordinates and detailed information about all FLT trailheads with parking. Print it out
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14 12:23 PM
    New and attached here (and on our website) is a PDF document with GPS coordinates and detailed information about all FLT trailheads with parking.  Print it out (10 pages) and put it in your vehicle.  Then before hiking type the coordinates of a parking trailhead into your automotive GPS.
    To find the attached on our website www.fingerlakestrail.org from home page click: Go Hiking > Hiking the FLT... > Finding the Trail - Maps, Guides, GPS and scroll to the very bottom.  Click on FLT Trailheads.pdf to download (what is already attached here).
    In the past these coordinates (and other trailheads where there isn't parking) have been provided in the End to End (E2E) Tracking forms in Excel format.  However, the attached provides more info on parking trailhead so it is anticipated that the coordinates will this year be removed from the E3ETracking forms.
    The snippet below shows an example of what is contained in the attached:
    Prefixes: B = Bristol Hills, C = Conservation, CH = Crystal Hills, I = Interloken, L = Letchworth, M = Main, O = Onondaga, QC = Queen Catharine.
    -"Java Joe" Dabes
    P.S. A reminder: If you have a Garmin Nuvi you can load all these coordinates into it (so no typing needed); see my article in the Winter 2011 FLT News or go to the webpage mentioned above.
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