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  • mike white
    only a few people in the world would recognize the fire crystal power station. i understand the support columns were composed of several different gemstones
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2005
         only a few people in the world would recognize the fire crystal power station.  i understand the support columns were composed of several different gemstones or crystaline stones.  the inside was enclosed by an insulator non-conductive material.  the retractable dome should be easy to spot.  they will probably call this building an observatory.   i think a burnt crystal faceted collector.  a fresnel lense may have been used, and possibly a silver a parabolic dish. 
         we must consider the facts of the final days of atlantis, per cayce.  i got the idea that the sons of belial were using the firestone technology for unholy acts, like war.  they had moved across north africa, and stayed.  they invaded europe, and advanced to the frontiers of greece, before the athenians got involved.  the greeks were said to have won the great battle, but then both armies were swallowed up by land or sea.  these last ideas were from greek history sources.   cayce gives us about 10,000 bce for this war.  from the record of archaeology, i dont think the swallow included all of the atlanteans. 
         the skulls show their descendents persisted to modern times, among the tuareg.  look how far they degraded.  the first buildings the atlanteans built in the sahara, nubia, and ethiopia, must have been grand as any in egypt.  so far none have been uncovered.  i believe the arrival of ra ta and his white horde from the carpathians, kept the atlanteans in check for hundreds of years.  ra ta merely rejuvenated to regain youth and health.  it appears that the rule of one group went to egypt, while the belial group went to lebanon.  could they have become the phoenicians?  this would explain their willingness to venture to the 'new world'.  most experts have their arrival in the levant ca 3,000 bce.  we can probably safely ignore that date.  they have the phoenicians creating the first alphabet well after that.  cayce has the jews arriving in yucatan and later ohio after 3,000 bce.  from the mounds we know that by 3,000 bce when they separated from the other tribes, they already had the 10 commandments given to moses, and their square letter alphabet.   sidon may remain from the early phoenicians, who may have been atlantean, unless you can figure how anyone else could manage a 1000 ton altar to belial.  i think tyre was founded a little later by frisian and magyar.  over time these marine city-states seemed to confederate for defence and business.   im of the opinion that phoenicia continued trade with the new world until alexander the great, ca 330 bce.   that would be ironic, if the new world brought all that the phoenicians gave to the old world cultures.  we all expected that the atlanteans did this, when it was the source, but countless generations of their misnamed descendents, like tuareg, nubian, ethiopian, and phoenician, even the basque - all contributed. 
         i think we can connect the dolichocephalic skulls to the atlantean descendents.   they seemed to persist at least until akhenaten about 1100 bce in egypt.  we can surmise they may have persisted among the inca as long. 
         blavatsky described how carry-over people from a former age lose fertility after a while. 
      Kind regards,
      Mike White
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