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  • jonbryn300
    Nov 14, 2013
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      my left is a disaster the right is fogged any solution is helpful
      --- In CateraOwners@yahoogroups.com, <medicair2000@...> wrote:
      >97 capurchased a pair of headlight assemblies online from gmpartsdirect.com. They shipped yesterday, so haven't received them yet. They were pricey, over $400. apiece.
      > ---In cateraowners@yahoogroups.com, <jnc19610@> wrote:
      > Does anyone have a good headlight solution for a 1997 model except $356
      > (times 2) for new ones? Mine have cloudy lenses and broken adjustors.
      > I'm working on the cloudy with some polish and rubbing compound. For
      > the broken adjustors, I've just stuffed a piece of (fire resistant I
      > think) foam in for now to keep them from 'floating' around, but would
      > like a better long term solution. The aim isn't so hot, but at least
      > I'm not illuminating the tops of trees anymore.
      > My dealer says there is no campaign to fix this, and I've used up my
      > 'one goodwill' repair on a head gasket. Does anyone think we have some
      > other choices for recourse?
      > I've checked with Hella on aftermarket availability. (the lights are in
      > their online catalog) I have an e-mail that basically says lights are
      > out of stock and no longer being manufactured. (I find this interesting
      > and still have some ongoing research to do here)
      > If anyone has a broken set of lights they would let me 'play' with, I'd
      > really appreciate it.
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