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34830Re: [CateraOwners] Radiator Fans stay on after the car is turned off

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  • Kal Somogyvary
    Nov 1, 2013
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      Sorry That last response was intended for " Matt " NOT mtnrabbit !!

      My apologies


      On Friday, November 1, 2013 4:51:01 PM, Kal Somogyvary <kal_of_kourtice@...> wrote:
      So sorry to see U leave the fold mtn ! The Cat has been a relative delight for me.
      Yep " quirky " but so are British Sport cars and Harley's ! dat's why we luvz dem
      so. My sob story is the good 'ole Chevy Lumina !! Brakes every 6 mos compared to
      the Cat's 5 years !! coil packs , struts/struts, alternator, no heat, 1 speed interior
      fan, . .  and I could go on.

      A large part of the Cat's HVAC issues are attributed to the coolant. Germans
      designed one thing and the Yanks did another and the twain shall never meet.

      I live in Canada where the use/abuse can be harsher. But as always a properly
      serviced and maintained vehicle will always yeild a good return. Provided one
      can find a competent " service person " to correctly complete the maintenance.
      I too will simplify in the future but it may be an Asian Import I'm afraid !!

      Cheers, and happy motoring !

      On Monday, October 21, 2013 4:30:19 AM, Matt Wilson <mwilson99@...> wrote:
      I respect all of the wonderful advice given in these threads. But it’s sad that so many problems exist. I have lost my beloved 98 Catera(150K-with tooo mannnyy repairs) due to too many  failures at once, making the repair value higher than the cars’ over-all value(heater core, oil leak, tcm/abs-from oil dripping upon , years of periodic undiagnosed radiator fluid smell even after radiator and h valve  replacement, electrical quirks). Really ,should there be a car with so many repair needs?  I had to junk mine, no one would buy it at a reduced mechanics’ special price. When it ran well, a very special car, but the engineering  was faulty, I always felt that the radical heat spikes  were unhealthy, regardless of the over-engineering to cool it. Maybe because of the unusual close degree angle of the v6? I spent the last couple of years wrestling with the idea of selling it while it still operated well,  there are many points where I wish I had.  I have owned 23 cars so far, this is the most rewarding, but most expensive bath I have taken, How deep is your love, and your wallet? I’m back to a Volvo, boring- but comforting. You got to know when to hold-em, know when to fold-em.   Best Wishes..
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      Subject: Re: [CateraOwners] Radiator Fans stay on after the car is turned off
      Usually, the relays which control the fans amongst other components, don't
      stay " switched " on !  It may be that your relays which control the radiator fans are
      acting up. ( My interior light relay is doing the same ) However the PTCM
      may be sending the signal to stay on and bypass a time limit. I would do the
      control module diagnostic - first, to ensure this is not the case. Then look
      at the fan relays.


      On Tuesday, October 15, 2013 12:44:50 AM, mtnrabbit <mtnrabbit@...> wrote:
      I picked up a Catera a few months ago and have had a few problems.

      My current problem is that the radiator fans stay on while the car is turned off , I have to unplug the fans or it will drain the battery.

      Since the car is 12 years old I hope someone can help me

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