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34828Re: [CateraOwners] RE: EBTCM ?

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  • Kal Somogyvary
    Oct 24, 2013
      I do like your spunk Chester. U fly. Let's get this out of the way. You brought in a Cadillac !! -  . .
      dealers love us !! We are the sheep with the golden fleece ( or B fleeced ) The sad part is
      that the car - Omega/MV6/Ambassador in Europe and Australia is a force to be reckoned with.
      Just search out the twin turbo 3.2l version and you'll know what I mean. It took a large corporation
      to screw it up.  I do " still " appreciate it in it's A-mar-i-kan form though, hence I continue to
      drive it.

       Well the A arms. The bushings are " hydro-dynamic " doan'cha - know. So they develop more
      castor and toe under heavy breaking. What a load of bull pucky !! The bushings pre-assembled
      in the TRW replacements are formulated a little tauter. Thank goodness. And a little tip here,
      whilst you're at major front end surgery, . . may as well go for the struts up front and the strut
      bearing. I got to $850 in our funny money before they calculated in the strut bearings, .  ..  at
      $140 a piece. So now we have $1k !! + The best I seen dem at is $106 for Monroe's , . . in
      2005 I paid $92 a piece on the unit I was driving then. Now these strut bearings are ever so
      important since they allow the strut to turn e-a-s-i-l-y. Now if they don't, the steering gear wears
      out and $700 + later? I tink U catch my drift.

      So my moral is this, had this car shipped to this continent without all the tampering it may have
      been a hit !!? Who knows ? And remember - the Pontiac ( former ) G8 is based on the Zeta
      chassis. Which started in the Catera. Ask all your CTS buddies what they think !

      Cheers, and Rave ON!


      On Thursday, October 24, 2013 10:44:08 AM, Chester Guerrero <chesterjg@...> wrote:
      lol thanks for the confirmation, I do not take any credit, I have only repeated what others have already stated, and I am a Catera Owner and would have gone broke taking this car to the Dealer or anywhere else, that said guess what.. I just replaced my 2 front tires AGAIN, so I decided to take it to get aligned, guess what the F...g control Arm bushings are Gone, their quote ( drum roll) .... 1k dollars hahahah WTF, really oh wait they will give me a break, 850.00 hmm I smell a Fish, no a Whale. I go to RockAuto.com hmm front Left and Right 360.00 with bushings and Ball Joint, NICE... I like. so MY labor and their parts around 400.00, GO F..k yourself Alignment Shop and Dealer.

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