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34825Re: [CateraOwners] RE: EBTCM ?

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  • Jeff Powers
    Oct 23, 2013
      How long did it take you to remove and replace the unit?  I have tools, but are there any special tools that would help?

      On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 1:07 PM, Chester Guerrero <chesterjg@...> wrote:

      If you Google, Bing or whatever you use you will find that Every Single, POS, Catera manifests the same symptom and that the fix is almost always the same part or a mix of the suggested part replacement. REPLACE THE F@#$€¥ EBTCM.

      On Oct 22, 2013 4:45 AM, <jeffreywp1@...> wrote:

       Code meanings;  P0650 is my check engine light has burnt out, P0727 is engine speed not getting sent to TCM, U2108 is TCM not getting signal from EBTCM, P0500 is no speed signal from left rear wheel (EBTCM could be the cause) P0411 and P0442 are unrelated to the issue and there is no P01700 in the manual (code from AutoZone) but P1700 is an emissions related transmission fault.  What does the transmission emit?  As far as the symptoms go, from what I know, the EBTCM is a likely cause.  I just want to know if anyone had the same faults when they had the issue just to make sure I am not going the wrong way.  How would I go about checking the left rear wheel speed sensor?

      ---In cateraowners@yahoogroups.com, <chesterjg@...> wrote:

      Get ready to Curse......either way........ I took mine out, had it rebuilt, odometer came back on, lights never went away, it is such a chore I said F#$% it, odometer still works but the cruise control only works some times, as long as i know how fast i am going i am not going to deal with it again. Perhaps if I had bought all the right tools? (then I would be a mechanic, hmm sounds about right for a Catera owner)

      On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 8:03 AM, Jeff Powers <jeffreywp1@...> wrote:
      I have an 01 Catera with the TC light and ABS light on with the odometer not working.  The check engine light burned out with an o2 sensor so I am not sure if it is on.  When the problem first started, it was only for short periods of time the lights were on but has progressed to the point they are on all the time with brief moments where everything works fine.  I had the codes read at autozone and they were; P0650, P0727, U2108, P01700, P0411, P0500 and P0442.  Does anyone know from experience that these codes match for being the EBTCM issue?  I would hate to spend the money and the few hours shoving my hands in to that tight space, cursing the whole time, just to find that it was not the issue. 

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