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34820EBTCM ?

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  • Jeff Powers
    Oct 20 8:03 AM
      I have an 01 Catera with the TC light and ABS light on with the odometer not working.  The check engine light burned out with an o2 sensor so I am not sure if it is on.  When the problem first started, it was only for short periods of time the lights were on but has progressed to the point they are on all the time with brief moments where everything works fine.  I had the codes read at autozone and they were; P0650, P0727, U2108, P01700, P0411, P0500 and P0442.  Does anyone know from experience that these codes match for being the EBTCM issue?  I would hate to spend the money and the few hours shoving my hands in to that tight space, cursing the whole time, just to find that it was not the issue. 
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