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34816Advice about selling 2000 Catera

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  • jeanne.leaman
    Sep 25, 2013
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      Hi, My son's 2000 Catera has been off the road for a year now, the victim of a botched repair job to replace the Heater Core.  The so-called mechanic caused a multitude of electrical issues as a result of removing the dash to do this work.  Now heater doesn't work, AC doesn't work...no radio...that is just a start.  The dash was never put back together properly and the steering wheel is not mounted properly.  My son is sick about the whole thing and just wants the car gone (finally has agreed that we aren't in a position to spend any more money on this car).  We are asking $450 for the car...as is, and will even include the GM service manuals.  Is this a fair price?  Mechanically the car is sound, and the heater core was replaced (although I wish now it had never been done!).  We are looking for advice....thanks.

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