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97 Catera problems Has anyone out there had an oil leak coming from the back of the engine and causing smoke from the engine when oil touches it?  Has anyone had their doors
Corneille Hutcherson
10:54 AM
Re: Programming entry remote control fop As I mentioned, there are plenty of Locksmiths who have the right tool - check Craigslist or the Yellow Pages for Automotive Locksmiths.
Apr 14
Re: Programming entry remote control fop Mine is out as well on the 2001 model. I was told the only ones who can reprogram it was a Caddy dealer. If you find another way please let me know
Randy Dykes
Apr 14
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Re: Programming entry remote control fop Catera key fobs have to be programmed using a GM Tech 2 Scan tool...the dealer has them, as well as numerous automotive locksmiths, which are usually cheaper -
Apr 12
Programming entry remote control fop Can anyone out there give me instructions on how to program remote control fop for 97 Catera?   Thanking you in advance for your help!!! Can anyone out there
Corneille Hutcherson
Apr 12
Re: Heater Cut-off valve THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! From: "cateraowners@..." To: CateraOwners@yahoogroups.com Sent: Monday, March 31, 2014 9:59 AM Subject:
Corneille Hutcherson
Mar 31
Re: Heater Cut-off valve You may find this helpful: http://oldsite.omegaowners.com//forum/YaBB.pl?num=1193594464 http://oldsite.omegaowners.com//forum/YaBB.pl?num=1193594464
Mar 31
Heater Cut-off valve I had my heater cut-off valve replaced on my 97 Catera and the mechanic doen not remember where the hose hook-ups go.  Can anyone out there help me!!!  
Corneille Hutcherson
Mar 30
Re: Fuel pump I replaced the fuel pump on my 99 catera. I had the challenge of having just filled up prior to it failing. Not fun since i was un-prepared. I had to go and
Chester Guerrero
Mar 28
Re: '98 Cat for sale Wow I could almost be convinced that you have the jewel of the Nile. It looks great, but then so did my 99 catera. When can we go target practicing with it?
Chester Guerrero
Mar 28
Re: Fuel pump Hi, I just did mine, there is no port or panel in the trunk so yes, the tank has to be at least lowered. I ended up dropping the tank as it was much easier to
Santec @ FOP
Mar 28
'98 Cat for sale It's been fun but it is time to move on. http://omaha.craigslist.org/cto/4393431906.html   Like I have beeN telling you for yearS, everything you do on the
Sky Rat
Mar 27
Fuel pump Has anyone R7R a Catera fuel pump do you really have to take th etank off the car or can it be access from the trunk thanks
Gerald Jenny
Mar 27
Re: Engine only goes up to 5,000 rpm Yep, any and all of the above. Sometimes " hardly been driven " is the  curse of death. Still have to do the maintenance !! If " marcospedraza "  is
Kal Somogyvary
Mar 2
Re: 97 Cat with Multiple Misfires (P0304, P0305, P0300) and code P01 Hello Angela, welcome to the group. I'll try to be brief. There is a " trio " of service items that needing attending and not neglected. 1) coil pack, poor
Kal Somogyvary
Mar 2
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Re: Engine only goes up to 5,000 rpm Thing is, the car has hardly been driven. It has 44,000 miles, which checks out against the CarFax.
Mar 1
97 Cat with Multiple Misfires (P0304, P0305, P0300) and code P0115 W Hi guys, My 97 Cat has been a bit of a problem child lately. First it was the infamous idler failure, which unfortunately happened at highway speeds, leading
Feb 28
Re: Engine only goes up to 5,000 rpm timming is off,fuel filter clogged,air filter clogged,catalitic plogged.But I choose timming is off
Feb 28
My Cat is Gone Group, It's with mixed emotions – happiness and joy – that I announce that I am no longer a Catera owner. My 97 was purchased in 2006, for $3000, at an
Feb 25
Engine only goes up to 5,000 rpm I bought a Catera recently as a project. It had the oil cooler problem, a cracked radiator, and a bad head gasket. Have fixed all that. It also has the
Feb 24
Re: Mechanic Reuben, Thanks so much for the information. Judy On Saturday, February 22, 2014 5:57 PM, Ruben Gama wrote:   Contact : Mike Batanero
Judy Clark
Feb 24
Re: Mechanic Contact : Mike Batanero Auto Technology 1200 West Whittier Blvd Montebello‎ CA‎ 90640 323-722-7755 He did a super fantastic
Ruben Gama
Feb 22
Re: 2001 Catera Judy, Did you get an answer to the oil/radiator lights? I am having the same problem..Good oil pressure, clean oil, clean coolant, but intermittent lights.
Feb 21
Mechanic Hi Guys, Still looking for mechanic in Los Angeles or Inland Empire area. If anyone know the name or contact for the place in Montebello that would be great
Feb 21
Re: 2001 Catera Hey guys! I have a 2000 Catera for sale in the Dallas area, It was my daily driver but it began making an awful noise a few weeks ago so I bought a new car.
Jason Yahoo!
Feb 15
Re: 2001 Catera Thank you - I will F/U.
Feb 15
Re: 2001 Catera Hi Reuben, I live near Ontario but am familiar with Montebello - can you give me more info or contact #. Thanks. Judy
Feb 15
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Re: 2001 Catera Hello Ruben...can you please provide the name and contact information for the shop in Montebello? Thanks.
Feb 13
Re: 2001 Catera Hi Judy, What part of SoCal are you located ? I have had great success with a good shop Montebello. Ruben
Ruben Gama
Feb 13
Re: Radio When I went to plug in the pump at the wheel well this am I notice it was coated with coolant from the reservoir. I then just plugged the other pump in and it
Feb 13
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