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CataRomance Reader Newsletter August 1, 2004

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  • Donna
    CataRomance Readers Newsletter Vol. 3 No.22 August 1, 2004 Donna Zapf, editor ~Dear Readers~ Were you able to attend any of the on line Cata Conference? Ally
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      CataRomance Readers Newsletter
      Vol. 3 No.22 August 1, 2004
      Donna Zapf, editor

      ~Dear Readers~

      Were you able to attend any of the on line Cata Conference? Ally gave
      away "lots" of prizes! Did your favorite author win any awards at the
      RWA national conference in Dallas? Check out the links below to find
      out. There are some CataAuthors among the winners this year!



      Items I Just Can't Live Without! by Ally Anderson

      From time to time I come across an item that makes life so much
      easier. Like the perfect blend of hazelnut in my morning coffee. Or
      the stapler that sits up on end and makes it easy to grab. Or the
      paper clip dispenser that my crazy feline can't get her paws into. I
      could just go on and on about things that make my life as a reader and
      writer easier. And there are plenty that I just can't live without. I
      often catch myself wondering, if there was a fire and I could only
      save 5 things in my house, what would they be? The first three would
      obviously be my husband, dog, and cat. But that only leaves two other

      And seeing has how my bed weighs around 500 pounds give or take a few,
      that seems to be an unlikely option for rescue, even though I love
      that bed more than almost anything else in this world. Did I mention
      it's a Kingsdown? Ok, so blatant promo for my favorite bed
      manufacturer.... :)

      There's of course my computer... but I have a desk top AND a lap top.
      So that's two options right there. Then there are favorite family
      photographs. Keepsakes. Oh, and my jewelry. The entire Cata Jewelry
      Collection could turn into black powder unless I save it.

      But what about all the little things that I adore so? Like my stapler?
      Or my post it note collection? Or my favorite pen? Ok, so maybe I'm a
      little crazy to be attached to items... but like I said, they make
      life easier and a little brighter on rushed, dull, or crazy days.

      And maybe I'm really crazy to be prioritizing which ones will be saved
      in case of emergency. But hey, you've got to be prepared, right?

      Which leads me to wonder if I should go measure my favorite chair and
      make sure that it will fit through the patio door... just in case. :)

      So, as a reader or writer, what things just make life easier? What
      would you try to save in a fire? :) Do you have a favorite chair to
      read in? A favorite type of pen that just glides across the paper? How
      about a favorite brand of paper? I'd love to hear about the things you
      cherish. Leave me a comment below.

      And if you're looking for new items to make your writing life a little
      easier, may I suggest you check out the Writer's Toolbox.

      For readers, I'd recommend the Cata Store where you'll find plenty of
      neat items that you'll cherish. You might also visit the American
      Signature Home Store where you'll find the most comfortable chairs to
      kick back and relax in. Visit them online at: ashome.com.

      CataRomance Reviews

      The Stone Prince by Gena Showalter
      Harlequin, HQN September 2004 5 Stars
      Witty! Wonderful! Well-Written! THE STONE PRINCE is a definite keeper
      and I'll be waiting on pins and needles for Gena Showalter's next book!
      BJ Deese, CataRomance Reviews

      THE WEDDING CONTRACT by Nicola Marsh
      Harlequin Romance OCTOBER 2004 4 Stars
      Sassy and sizzling, when a marriage of convenience turns personal,
      Amber and Steve find that love takes root in a business deal that
      seals their futures and their passion for each other. THE WEDDING
      CONTRACT by Nicola Marsh is a delightful book filled with interesting
      characters and lots of action.
      Carol Hutchens, CataRomance Reviewer

      CHARLIE'S ANGELS by Cheryl St. John
      Silhouette Special Edition AUGUST 2004 4 ½ STARS
      The magic a child's imagination, belief in angels and a child's need
      for a mother set the stage for this heart-warming romance by Cheryl
      St. John. With the wonder of the season, and the passion of
      unfulfilled love, CHARLIE'S ANGELS will delight readers.
      Carol Hutchens, CataRomance Reviewer

      MARRIAGE SHY by Karen Van Der Zee
      Harlequin Presents December 2003 4 Stars
      Karen Van Der Zee took a bold step and gave her readers a strong older
      heroine in her delightful book MARRIAGE SHY. The concerns and self
      examination of a mature woman about to start a romantic liaison was
      extremely well written.
      Donna Zapf, CataRomance Reviews

      ********************HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT*******************

      CataRomance and eCataRomance Reviewers' Choice Awards will be awarded
      on August 10, 2004 at 8 PM in the Cata Chat Room. Everyone is invited
      so mark your calendars!

      Quote of the Week

      "I've always tried to go a step past wherever people expected me to
      end up." ~ Beverly Sills, Opera Star

      REMINDER: Invite your friends over to CataRomance, tell everyone at
      chat, link us on your websites and any loops you belong to. Help get
      our name out there! Thanks!!

      Readers, do you have any comments? Gripes? Advice? Accolades?
      Write me, donna@.... See you next week!
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