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CataRomance Readers Newsletter June 6, 2004

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    CataRomance Readers Newsletter Vol. 3 No.14 June 6, 2004 Donna Zapf, editor ~Dear Readers~ It is June, just in time for Harlequin Presents month and a
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      CataRomance Readers Newsletter
      Vol. 3 No.14 June 6, 2004
      Donna Zapf, editor

      ~Dear Readers~

      It is June, just in time for Harlequin Presents month and a Bombshell
      Q&A. Hurry right over to the forums and find out what all the
      excitement is about.

      Ally says, "Welcome. Welcome! Are you all gearing up for summer?
      The Presents authors will be joining us this month and discussing
      their books, the line, and themselves.
      For all of our readers out there, what's your all time favorite
      Harlequin Presents? Surely one sticks out in your mind.
      Don't forget to tell your friends to join us this month. I've got
      several prize packs to give away!"
      Bombshell Q&A begins Monday June7! Tell all your friends and come on
      over. Authors and Editors will be there!!!!

      More at the Forums
      In the Kiss N' Tell forum, a lively discussion is going on about what
      is being over-used in your favorite category line.
      There is a poll about this very topic on the front page of CataRomance.

      Better Health for Book Lovers is taking a look at weight loss programs
      in the month of June. I am taking a personal interest in this forum.
      To find out why you must read my 50 Something Column this week.
      Look for it on the front page at CataRomance on Monday!

      New Reviews at CataRomance

      NIGHT VISIONS by Ariana Dupre New Age Dimensions Publishing June 2004
      Ariana Dupre has masterfully created a scintillating romantic suspense
      story with eerie paranormal elements and roller coaster episodes that
      compel you to hold your breath with fright and then sigh with desire
      in NIGHT VISIONS, the first story in THE VISIONS TRILOGY.
      Donna Zapf, CataRomance Reviews

      HER FINAL FLING by Joanne Rock Harlequin Temptation JULY 2004
      As anxious as I was to read HER FINAL FLING, I was also dispirited to
      see the last book in the captivating Single in South Beach series
      released. In Joanne Rock's newest release, she tells the story of an
      independent woman with simple needs and an experienced man who is
      hard-driven. But as we are introduced to this enchanting couple, we
      discover the many layers of their lives. The interplay between Ms.
      Rock's characters is always very believable, and the intelligent
      dialogue will have the reader often smiling. This is a fairy tale
      story where the hero must save the heroine from her own ideals in
      order to have a "happily-ever-after" in her future.
      Amelia Richard, CataRomance Reviews

      A Mother's Day Gift by Margaret Way, Anne Ashley & Lucy Monroe
      Mills & Boon March 2004
      A Mother's Day Gift is an anthology with stories by popular Mills &
      Boon's authors, Margaret Way and Anne Ashley and one of their newest
      recruits, Lucy Monroe.
      Dawn Brookes, CataRomance Reviews

      Veiled Intentions by Delores Fossen Harlequin Intrigue July 2004
      VEILED INTENTIONS has all the makings of a fantastic Intrigue and
      doesn't disappoint. Katelyn and Joe are fascinating characters and
      their attraction to each other and attention to duty drive a
      wonderfully well-written story. Delores Fossen has seamlessly blended
      a great mystery with fabulous characterization into one must-read story.
      Nicole Hulst, CataRomance Reviews

      Silhouette Romance JULY 2004
      Honor, courage and commitment are the ground rules for the fast paced
      love story, CINDERELLA'S SWEET-TALKING MARINE. This latest book in the
      Men of Honor series by Cathie Linz picks up the story of Striker's
      brother, Ben.
      Carol Hutchens, CataRomance Reviewer

      CataRomance is getting back to its category roots!!

      Readers, what do you want to see at CataRomance? What can we do to
      make the site for you? What brought you to CataRomance? What may we
      do to keep you interested and participating? We need to hear from
      you. Write to me donna@.... I will answer every e-mail!

      Quote of the Week

      "I own my life. And only mine. And so I shall appreciate my person.
      And so I shall make proper use of myself."
      ~Ruth Beebe Hill, Novelist~

      REMINDER: Invite your friends over to CataRomance, tell everyone at
      chat, link us on your websites and any loops you belong to. Help get
      our name out there! Thanks!!

      Readers, do you have any comments? Gripes? Advice? Accolades?
      Write me, donna@.... See you next week!

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