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CataRomance Readers Newsletter May 3, 2004

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    CataRomance Readers Newsletter Vol. 3 No.10 May 3, 2004 Donna Zapf, editor ~Dear Readers~ Happy Mother s Day! Have I got some great books for you and your
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      CataRomance Readers Newsletter
      Vol. 3 No.10 May 3, 2004
      Donna Zapf, editor

      ~Dear Readers~

      Happy Mother's Day! Have I got some great books for you and your
      mother! Just click on the links and read the reviews!

      The Bodyguard by Christy Tillery French ~ single title
      Christy Tillery French's The Bodyguard is an intimate portrait of
      a young woman and her recovery from a personal trauma via an unusual
      C.B. Shelly, CataRomance Reviews

      The Sultan's Bought Bride by Jane Porter ~Mills and Boon Modern
      This book is the best I have read yet this year - Jane Porter has kept
      up with her amazing track record of writing fantastically emotional
      and gripping stories with The Sultan's Bought Bride.
      Reviewed by Katie Stalham, CataRomance Reviews

      FIRST MATE By Dale Ketcham ~ single title
      Love the ocean? Need a book to read that will take you away from your
      regular routine and fill your senses with sea air and love? Dale
      Ketcham's new book, FIRST MATE is fast paced and guaranteed to
      leave you smiling.
      Carol Hutchens CataRomance Reviewer

      GIRL GONE WILD by Joanne Rock ~ Harlequin Blaze MAY 2004
      If you are one of the many readers who have read the first books in
      Joanne Rock's Single in South Beach series, then you will be
      thrilled with the next captivating story in this series. When you

      GIRL GONE WILD, be prepared to be enthralled by this story from the
      first page. Ms. Rock once again gives us engaging characters whose
      lives are centered around Club Paradise, a singles resort in South
      Amelia Richard, CataRomance Reviews

      Heart of a Hunter by Sylvie Kurtz ~ Harlequin Intrigue April 2004
      Heart of the Hunter is the first book in The Seekers series and if
      this book is an example of what is to come, The Seekers is going to be
      one of the greatest series this year. Sylvie Kurtz has written one of
      the best stories I've read all year.
      Nicole Hulst, CataRomance Reviews

      The Last Champion by Deborah Hale ~Harlequin Historical May 2004
      Deborah Hale courageously turns the tables by giving us a strong
      practical heroine helping a weaker dispirited hero in THE LAST
      CHAMPION. The deliberate changing of the hero's perceived imagine
      was rewarding in itself but the story also captured my heart and mind
      as it drew to its delightful conclusion. I whole heartedly recommend
      THELAST CHAMPION as a "must read"!
      Donna Zapf, CataRomance Reviews

      Are you a smooch expert????
      Readers - stay tuned this May as we show off some really great smooch
      scenes. Your mission is to read and enjoy each smooch scene and then
      vote on them. Each time you click Read More you'll find a wonderful
      new excerpt to read from a book that will be on sale in May. To the
      right will be a voter box with stars numbering 1 to 5. Here's the
      rating system, please select which ever you feel is appropriate for
      the smooch excerpt.
      5 stars - out of this world, spine tingling smooch
      4 stars - wish a hunky hero would kiss me like that
      3 stars - not bad
      2 stars - could use a little work in the lip locking department
      1 stars - oh dear, that was a smooch scene?
      *To read the smooches already posted, click
      it will list all the entries so far. Look for new smooches daily.

      May is Silhouette Romance Month
      Visit the authors and ask some questions!

      What else is new in the forums?

      May is exercise month! What is your favorite form of exercise?

      In Kiss and Tell, we are still talking American Idol but we have a
      couple of new topics, Nationals and Happily Ever After.

      Don't forget the Reader's Lounge!

      May is CataRomance Membership Drive Month!!
      Please invite all your friends and family to join us at
      http://www.CataRomance.com Membership is free and they will love it!

      Quote of the Week
      "If you want to be listened to, you should put in time
      ~Marge Piercy, poet, novelist

      REMINDER: Invite your friends over to CataRomance, tell everyone at
      chat, link us on your websites and any loops you belong to. Help get
      our name out there! Thanks!!

      Readers, do you have any comments? Gripes? Advice? Accolades?
      Write me donna@... See you next week!

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