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CataRomance Readers' Newsletter April 9, 2004

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    CataRomance Readers Newsletter Vol. 3 No. 7 April 9, 2004 Donna Zapf, editor ~Dear Readers~ April Flipside Month April is Flipside month on CataRomance. Go
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      CataRomance Readers' Newsletter
      Vol. 3 No. 7 April 9, 2004
      Donna Zapf, editor

      ~Dear Readers~

      April Flipside Month
      April is Flipside month on CataRomance. Go to the Cata Q&A Forum and
      ask a few questions. Holly Jacobs is there right now and other
      Flipside authors should be joining in. The two Flipside books
      released this month are Stress and the City by Stephanie Rowe and
      Wanted: An Interesting Life by Bev Katz Rosenbaum. Check out the
      review of Stress and the City at CataRomance Reviews!

      New eCataRomance site
      Take a peak at our sister site. www.eCataRomance.com. Join us there
      if you like reading e-books. The site has just been launched and we
      need lots of input and volunteers!

      Do you have a favorite recipe or want to find a new recipe or old
      favorite? Check out the recipes at CataRomance. There are even
      recipes found in your favorite author's book! I think I am going to
      try the Guiltless Caesar Salad. Yummy!

      Cata Friendly Bookstores
      Do you know of any new or used bookstores that carry category romance
      books? We would like to feature them on the CataRomance site and
      include their links. Check around and tell us about your favorite

      Spring Fever
      Jessa writes, "So...does anyone else have a raging case of spring
      fever? I'm massively afflicted! Unfortunately, it's starting to wear
      on my work ethic... I just want to be outside--and if I'm not outside,
      I want to stare outside and wish I was outside!
      Does anyone have any suggestions for beating spring fever? I'd sure
      appreciate them!" If you can help Jessa, run to the Reader's Lounge
      on the Forums and tell her what to do, quickly!
      Interview of the Week
      I know you have noticed the profiles posted on CataRomance about the
      CataTeam of volunteers but I wanted to feature a few of them again in
      our newsletter to remind all our readers about what we have to offer
      here and all the hard workers involved in CataRomance. This week I
      am featuring Eliza, Cata interviewer and "Romance
      After Kids" columnist.

      "Hi, I'm Eliza Ferree, interviewer for CataRomance as well as
      Columnist for "Romance After Kids". I love interviewing authors and
      finding out all the ins and outs of their lives and as for Romance
      After Kids I know there is such a thing and want others to know how to
      get it as well. I really enjoy getting to know everyone at Cata, so
      feel free to write me...

      Positions at CataRomance.com:
      CataRomance Interviewer: Authors contact me if you'd like to be
      interviewed on the Cata site.
      Remember I can slant the interview whichever way you'd like, whether
      it is on your upcoming release, current release or just talking about
      the way you became an author. An interview is always one way to
      promote yourself.

      Romance After Kids Columnist: Read my column and give me some
      feedback. Is there something you'd like to know?

      About Me:
      I am a stay at home, home schooling mother of three and wife to a
      Marine. (SAHHM&MW) My children are 6 years, 3 years and 7 month old.
      When I'm not online writing and reading emails you can bet I'm either
      teaching my children or playing games and doing crafts with them. We
      are currently living where the grass beneath my feet is green instead
      of brown and the sky has all four seasons instead of just one, I love
      it here.

      Food: Seafood and Italian

      Hobbies: My family, reading, writing and just started scrap booking.

      Music: Golden Oldies according to the radio

      Shows: I'm a soap fan myself and I'll admit it. :) I also watch 7th
      Heaven, Law & Order and Charmed.

      Movies: When Harry Met Sally, Finding Forrester, Sleepless in Seattle,
      just to name a few.

      Most Recent Movies that I enjoyed:
      I Captured The Castle (great for writing inspiration)
      Alex and Emma (writing movie & romance)
      Mona Lisa Smile (I want movie)

      Contact Me:
      Eliza Ferree
      c/o CataRomance
      PO Box 6454
      Diamondhead, MS 39525

      Quote of the Week:

      "You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in
      which you really stop to look fear in the faceĀ….You must do the thing
      which you think you cannot do." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt ~

      REMINDER: Invite your friends over to CataRomance, tell everyone at
      chat, link us on your websites and any loops you belong to. Help get
      our name out there! Thanks!!

      Readers, do you have any comments? Gripes? Advice? Accolades?
      Write me donna@... See you next week!

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