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CataRomance Reader's Newsletter Vol 3 No. 3

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    CataRomance Readers Newsletter Vol. 3 No. 3 Donna Zapf, editor ~Dear Readers~ Hello and how are you?! Is March blowing in like a lamb or a lion at your
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      CataRomance Readers' Newsletter
      Vol. 3 No. 3
      Donna Zapf, editor

      ~Dear Readers~

      Hello and how are you?! Is March blowing in like a lamb or a lion at
      your house? Whatever it does, I hope it blows some good reading your
      way like Linda Barrett's House on the Beach. Check out my review of
      the March Harlequin Super Romance on Cata's Review site.
      http://www.cataromance.com Other March releases are listed on the
      calendar on the right side of the Cata home page.

      I forgot to introduce myself. I am Donna, a reader of category
      romance just like you. I will be writing this weekly newsletter and a
      50 something column for CataRomance. I do a little reviewing also, as
      I mentioned above. A girl of all Catatrades so to speak! :)

      ***Last week Ally asked you for some testimonials about CataRomance.
      We want to put together some literature to get other readers and
      authors involved in our website. This is your website and I hope all
      of you find something of interest here. Let me know what I can do or
      notify Ally if there is something we need to add. Did you know
      CataRomance is one of the top 101 websites for writers according to
      Writer's Digest Magazine?

      Here it is March already, are you ready for summer? I mean, are you
      in shape? Toned up? Ready for the beach? Welllllllll, I have a place
      at Cata that just might help. Click on the Better Health for Book
      Lovers Forum. We are setting goals, working on the water drinking
      habit and are now ready to exercise. Post messages in the Health
      forum for help and advice and give the same to your fellow readers.
      Also in the Reader's Lounge, in the forums, it is Harlequin's
      Historical Romance month! See you there!

      March is also the beginning of our Author chats. Where else can you
      chat live with real category romance authors? Chats are fun and you
      can lurk or join in and ask questions or give your two cents worth!
      Try it and you might really like it!

      Every week I would like to interview someone connected with
      CataRomance. This week I decided to interview the owner and
      webmistress of CataRomance, Ally Anderson.

      Tell us about your family and where you live.
      I've got a fabulous husband, Eric, an equally terrific, but much more
      furry kid, (So he's a four legged kid, a Golden Retriever) named
      Hunter, he's a doll. And we recently adopted an orange and white kitty
      named Pumpkin. It's a constant battle of fuzz and fur around here but
      I wouldn't change a thing. We're currently living in coastal
      Mississippi which is breathtakingly beautiful. But we'd love to make
      our home in Atlanta Georgia.

      Just what is your occupation Ally?
      That's a loaded question. :) The question, my husband would say, is
      what don't I do? My "official" occupations are web designer, writer,
      and wife/mom. As you know, I'm the owner and webmistress for
      CataRomance and it's various ventures. I design authors' websites and
      maintain and host them as well. In addition, I get plenty of writing
      done at Cata but also reference materials for our website design and
      hosting company, Real Simple. When I'm not writing "how to"
      references, I love writing novels and short stories. I currently have
      10 completed books and ideas for about 40 more. Now if they would only
      be snatched up by a big New York publisher. :)
      What are your hobbies?
      I love reading, don't get nearly enough time to do it. I also love
      gardening, cooking, and keeping an organized fuzz free house. When I
      have time, I like going on walks, riding my bike, designing web
      templates, and taking pictures. If there is any time left after all
      that, I enjoy crochet, cross stitch, scrap booking, candle and soap
      making, decorating, and all sorts of art.
      What is your favorite reading material?
      My first inclination is to say anything romantically suspenseful, but
      after some thought, I'll read anything that doesn't insult my
      intelligence. Meaning a weak plot, conflict, something that has a dumb
      conflict that could be resolved in two minutes if people would only
      communicate. I'm all for communication so I don't believe the books
      where the hero and heroine aren't together simply b/c "they're fearing
      for their hearts and won't talk."
      Oh, and I generally only read romance. There is such a huge variety
      inside it that I don't feel the need to read much else, unless you
      count articles and "how to" books. :)
      Who are your favorite authors?
      That's easy! My favorite author is Rebecca Winters. She, without a
      doubt, writes the best books on earth. Her characters leap off the
      page, have true conflicts, a wide arrangement of emotions, and a love
      so true, well....... it's incredible. And she writes the best endings
      of any author I've ever read. I have NEVER come away from reading one
      of her books even slightly disappointed.
      Any other favorites? Movies, music, food, people?
      Oh goodness, I have lots of favorites. My husband teases me about how
      loyal I am to things I love, including my favorite grocery store and
      gas station. But hey, they provide excellent prices and services, so
      why shouldn't I be loyal? So, my favorite gas station is QT. My
      favorite grocery store is Publix. My favorite movie is.... now that is
      a much more difficult question. How about I skip to food and come back
      to movies? Favorite food, ice cream sandwiches. Favorite people? My
      husband, my parents, my MIL and SIL. Oh, and my grandparents, my first
      cousins, and Jeff, my hubby's first college roommate and best friend.
      Favorite books? Three Little Miracles by Rebecca Winters, Fantasy Fix
      by Christine Warren, Between the Sheets by Jeanie London. Favorite
      city: Atlanta. Favorite state: Montana. Favorite country: the USA, but
      Italy runs a close second. :)
      Now back to favorite movies... gosh. I love Down With Love, Tomb
      Raider 1 & 2, Charlie's Angels, and yes, I am a big fan of Tremors.
      Oh, and Sweet Home Alabama. Wait, I forgot to include Triple X with
      Vin Diesel(can't forget him!), and Ever After. And I'd be a nut not to
      include Lord of the Rings. Though the last one is my favorite. But I'd
      have to say, my favorite movie is Legally Blonde. Oh, and Legally
      Blonde 2. I just love her character, she's nice, pretty, goes after
      what she wants, gets it, and gets the guy in the end. Gee.... think I
      like girl power movies?
      What is your dream?
      Oh goodness, for as big of a dreamer as I am, that's still such a hard
      question. Well, one dream is to become a published author. Another is
      to create a website where the readers of romance can feel welcome and
      at home and safe. To touch peoples lives and get them to read. And
      introduce everyone to the power of love.
      And while I'm dreaming, I want a big warm log home in Montana with
      snow on the ground, a herd of Goldens and my fantastic hubby to keep
      me company. :)
      Any words of wisdom for all of us?
      Always be true to yourself. Always believe in yourself. Never ever
      give up, because there is always a way to achieve your goals and your
      dreams. And if you work hard enough, believe hard enough, try hard
      enough, you will succeed no matter what the odds. Dare to Dream. Dare
      to Believe. Dare to Hope. Remember, you'll accomplish more if you
      start now. And don't ever forget, no one can make you feel inferior
      without your consent.
      Thanks Ally for the insightful interview. Who is the person in the
      hot seat next week??

      Quote of the Week:
      "Do not wait for leaders: do it alone, person to person." Mother
      Teresa, Humanitarian

      REMINDER: Invite your friends over to CataRomance, tell everyone at
      chat, link us on your websites and any loops you belong to. Help get
      our name out there! Thanks!!

      Readers, do you have any comments? Gripes? Advice? Accolades?
      Write me donna@... !
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