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CataReaders Newsletter Vol. 3 No. 2

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    Dear Reader, HI! How are you? Tired of the cold winter months? Looking forward to spring? It s just around the corner! But while we re waiting, why not curl
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      Dear Reader,

      HI! How are you? Tired of the cold winter months? Looking forward
      to spring? It's just around the corner! But while we're waiting,
      why not curl up with a good book and a cup of tea? If you'll visit
      the new CataRomance site, on the right side you'll see our Cata
      Calendar. Listed there are lots of great upcoming books by Cata
      Authors. Why not pick up one today?

      DID I mention we have a new website? Lots of great, fast new
      features with the same friendly community. There are plenty of
      things to read and do and lots of ways to communicate with your

      STILL need ideas? Check out our reviews section, CataReviews. Don't
      forget to leave a comment and rating. We love to hear from our
      readers. If you think it's a good review, tell the reviewer why.
      After all, they're reviewing the books just for you! So let them
      know you appreciate it.

      WHILE I'm thinking of it, let me introduce you to your new
      newsletter editor, Donna. Donna does so much wonderful stuff around
      Cata and she deserves a big round of applause and lots of thanks.
      Not only does she coordinate our reviews, she's writing the new 50-
      Something column. She'll be along next week to take over and say

      WE'RE looking for your testimonials. Yep, it's that time again.
      We're printing up knew promotional materials and we would just love
      to hear what you've got to say! Do you like our site? Tell us why!
      Donna will be compiling these testimonials so please send them to
      her at donna@.... BTW, if you have a general comment on
      the site, doesn't matter if it's good or bad, we want to hear it. So
      enter your thoughts in the Help Desk at the site. Select Contact:
      Ally from the drop down menu.

      I'VE often wondered, is their romance after having kids? One of my
      good friends just had a baby back in December. What an adorable
      little girl. She sleeps all the time! But I've witnessed plenty of
      other babies that aren't so…. sleepy. Needless to say, little
      handful will chase away all romantic thoughts. Or will they? Our
      Reader's Lounge hostess, Eliza is tackling this very question. And
      she's going to start a column on the subject too. We want to know
      what you've got to say on the subject. How do you keep the romance
      alive as a parent? Tell us here:

      A quick heads up. Did you know that it's Avalon Romance month at
      Cata? Talk about some really great books! Donna just reviewed one
      recently. She said it was fabulous. Why not stop by the forums and
      chat? http://cataromance.com/cata/html/modules.php?
      name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=8 And up next month, March, is
      Harlequin Historicals. I know there are lots of Historicals fans
      out there, so be sure to stop by the forums and say hello!

      SPEAKING of chats, did you know Cata hosts a monthly chat for each
      of the category lines? You didn't? Well, I obviously forgot to
      tell you. J We do indeed love chatting with readers each month and
      so do the authors. Starting March we're pushing to have the authors
      with books out join us so you'll have a chance to talk with them
      about their current releases.

      DID you see the rotating quotes on the Cata site? I love quotes.
      They provide me with a focus. A bit of advice. Words of wisdom. I'd
      love to add your favorite quotes to the Cata site and at the end of
      each newsletter, so email Donna with your favorite quotes today!

      WE'RE looking to improve this newsletter and we want your opinions.
      Yes, your opinion matters. We consider each and everyone's opinion
      vital and important so step forward and make your voice heard! How
      can we make this newsletter better for you? What would you be
      interested in reading about? What can we do to add value to it and
      the cataromance.com site? Is it too long? Too short? Too boring?
      Tell us! We want to know what you think. Write to Donna at

      Well, that's about it for this week. Hope to see you around the all
      new CataRomance.com!

      CataRomance Webmistress
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