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30713Re: [CatVet] cat with hemorrhoides

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  • t2000kwt
    Jun 14, 2014
      You can get a pet "water fountain" that moves the water and has a small spout that pours into the basin below it. Cats tend to drink more if the water is moving. Ours certainly do.

      We have one that looks something like this but it's not as big, and we bought it with the larger capacity reservoir:
      Drinkwell Large Pet Fountain System (2 Gallon Capacity)


      but there certainly are less expensive approaches now:

      cat water fountain - Google Search


      Some are lower then $20. We  got our Drinkwell one for about 1/2 price when it was on sale at www.debnroo.com.

      If you're feeding a cat dry food, you certainly want to encourage them to drink as much water as they can. In a natural environment, they often don't need to drink water as they get it from the small animals that they eat.

      ---In CatVet@yahoogroups.com, <diana@...> wrote :

      He may be constipated. Dry food and not enough water could cause that.

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