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  • CatWoman
    Jun 14, 2014
      On 6/13/2014 1:11 PM, H├ęctor G. D'Armas D. hdarmas@... [CatVet] wrote:
      > Warning!!!: if your cat is already blocked, he will need urgent medical
      > attention. if the blockage is already present and precluding your cat to
      > urinate, his/her bladder will explode. If not taken care immediately,
      > your pet is in deadly danger.

      (I think Hector and I have had this exchange before many
      years ago - we've been here a long time!)

      Basically - I agree with everything Hector said.

      I don't know if any of the mail order pet supply stores
      will do international - if so, Drs Foster & Smith have
      DL-Methionine tablets as another option.

      But as he said - if the cat blocks, do not stop, get to
      a vet immediately.

      There may be no prior symptoms visible to you - a year
      ago I came home to find Soot sitting in the litterbox
      in the hallway. I had not seen him straining before
      that - whether he got an infection(*) that caused the
      blockage suddenly, or was just not using any litter
      box I could observe, I can't say.

      I probably waited a whole 5 seconds once I saw him -
      and the rest of the next 10 minutes were putting the
      carrier up (it collapses), getting him into it (he
      didn't put up a fight, which is way out of normal
      for him), and driving to the nearest vet. At the
      end of the week, we opted for the perineal uresthrostomy
      surgery, and knock wood, thank Bast, he has not had
      any other issues in over a year.

      I lost 2 other cats before learning about acidifying
      and upping the water intake - and before the PU was
      available as an option - one in 1974, one in 1980.
      I am daily grateful for the vet who 'invented' the
      PU surgery - and those who have perfected it over
      the years.

      (*) Soot had a double FHO when he was 2, so as he
      has gotten older - he's 10 now - he doesn't have
      the ability to keep his bottom up away from the
      litterbox, so my suspicion is that he got an infection
      from contact with someone's poop - possibly his own,
      and there were no prior symptoms.
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