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30710Re: [CatVet] Re: Blue Wilderness indoor

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  • CatWoman
    Jun 12, 2014
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      On 6/11/2014 2:45 AM, donhellen@... [CatVet] wrote:
      > If you don't want to spend more for better quality food, at least find a
      > urinary tract formula in one of the more common brands.

      And get the cat to drink more water. Canned food, with added water;
      a bit of water-pack tuna juice in some water; something like that
      (watch the tuna - fish is bad for cats prone to urinary issues
      because it tends to have more ash and magnesium than other meats.

      Also - get a higher meat percentage food - meat acidifies urine which
      can help keep urine infections and crystals from forming.

      If your cat stops peeing - get him to a vet ASAP - a blockage can
      be deadly.

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