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30696Re: [CatVet] Male cat urinating behavior

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  • CatWoman
    May 10, 2014
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      On 5/10/2014 10:00 AM, 'Tom Wilson' tomwilson64@... [CatVet] wrote:
      > The issue I’m having is at least one of them, not sure which wants to
      > urinate outside the two litter boxes I have for them. Sometimes I don’t
      > find it for a few days, but he always finds a spot like a laundry basket
      > of old rags or an older cat bed in the corner. I know at least one uses
      > the litter box because I see it in the litter. They did mark some when
      > they first arrive I’m sure from stress of a new home which previously
      > had a female cat, but from my investigating with the black light, I
      > think the marking has subsided as they’ve gotten comfortable which I
      > expected.

      Okay - before trying re-training, a few things to check -

      Do you have more than one litterbox? One should be where the
      laundry basket resides.

      Could the laundry basket have a urine smell? (we wouldn't notice,
      but the cats will) If so - maybe he's just doing the feline
      equivalent of re-tagging. New laundry basket? New type of
      basket? Laundry up where he can't get to it - or behind a closed

      I'm guessing that you don't know *which* one is doing this - I
      would take them both in to see if either has a UTI. Cats that
      have painful urination sometimes blame the litterbox for the
      pain. (I had a cat with IBD. While he had diarrhea, he would
      not use the box. This went on for years - I had a plastic sheet
      in front of the box with paper towels {I'd use puppy pads now}
      for years. When we found the right food for him, and the IBD
      no longer was ruling him - he used the box). I would take them
      both to the vet and rule out a UTI.

      Is your laundry area near an outside door? Maybe the one is
      trying to mark the area in response to another cat (I had a
      neutered male who would mark my doors and windows because the
      place I live had several intact toms who spent the spring marking
      the *outside* of my door).

      Finally - since the male mentioned above never got out of the
      habit, I used a drug called "Clomicalm" for him for a few years.
      It's an OCD "antidepressant", usually used for dogs with separation
      issues - but it worked for him. He got a severe cancer, so I took
      him off of it so he could have more "him" to try to fight it - but
      he promptly started spraying again - and was on it until he was too
      weak to do more than sleep and eat. (sigh)

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