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30695Male cat urinating behavior

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  • Tom Wilson
    May 10, 2014
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      I am fostering two male cats, a bonded pair of brothers, 4 years old, and have had them now for about nine weeks so they’re now sociable.  I’ve had female cats in the past who I’ve taken through end of life.  These are happy, healthy cats from what I can tell and came to me from the rescue that way as they had to leave the home of someone who was moving and couldn’t bring them. 


      The issue I’m having is at least one of them, not sure which wants to urinate outside the two litter boxes I have for them.  Sometimes I don’t find it for a few days, but he always finds a spot like a laundry basket of old rags or an older cat bed in the corner.  I know at least one uses the litter box because I see it in the litter.  They did mark some when they first arrive I’m sure from stress of a new home which previously had a female cat, but from my investigating with the black light, I think the marking has subsided as they’ve gotten comfortable which I expected.  I do have Nature’s Way sprays which are great with urine odor and stain.


      How can I train/coax both to use the litter box at all times.  I clean both litter boxes twice daily.  My females were always fastidious so the issue only occurred at end of life when kidney issues cropped up but that was at like 14 years of age and totally understandable. 


      Any strategies, words of wisdom or thoughts?

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