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30687Re: [CatVet] Senior cat, chf and hyperthyroid

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  • scottsdalekidd
    Apr 13, 2014
      Hi, thank you so much for your response. I was giving her 2.5 mg twice a day. The vet called and these are her numbers:  T$ 4.5 and he said 4 or less is normal,  Free T4 80 and 50 is normal, he said mildly thyroid.  He apologtized for making her sick, which I thought was very nice. Also said to stop med and if I wanted, give her 1/4  tab, just as you said, but wait till fully recovered. And, to call Monday or Tueday. Now, she is slowly getting her appetite back and is more active. I am clueless to thyroid problems. My dog had chf, so i am familiar with it. I would like to just leave her off the thryoid meds. Will this affect her heart problem? Vet said her heart is good. She gained a 1/2 pound since her December visit. Do you thinik he was just being overly cautious? I will watch her weight. So sorry this message is long. Thank you for all your advice, Carol S.
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