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30655cat's raw food pads?

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  • beckywhaleytn
    Jan 9, 2014
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      Periodically I get visits from a neighborhood tom that I call Groucho because of his big black moustache.  He stays 2-3 days and then leaves for 7-10 days.  Before this frigid cold air came I found him on my bed along side one of my old toms.  He'd never made any attempt to come inside before and he didn't jump off the bed when I fussed at him.  He's been inside on my bed except to eat and use the litter box for 5 days now.  He's eating well.
      Here's the problem - I noticed that he'd injured a foot pad.  It looked skinned but wasn't bleeding.  I've wiped off the sheet I've put over the bed every day because it looked like bits of dried mud.  This AM I saw that he how has 3 feet with a raw pad!  Could these bits of mud actually be dead or skin scabs?  I'm wondering if he's walked thru some chemical (isn't from frostbite because the first paw was injured while it was still relatively warm).
      There is no spare money to take him to a vet.  We live on a farm so are used to doctoring animals.  Have a bottle of Kote N Heal or Wound Kote that they use on hunting dogs' injured feet and wondered if I dare put that on the cat.  Or do I just leave it alone since there is no sign of infection?  I'll keep him inside as long as he's willing because I don't think he needs to be walking on these feet outside.  Any suggestions as to what might have caused this problem and any treatment would really be appreciated.
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