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30648Re: [CatVet] Things Are Looking Up For Troubled Christmas Eve. Kitty

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  • CatWoman
    Jan 5, 2014
      I'm glad to read this - I've been MIA because one of my females had
      trouble peeing & pooping Jan 1. Spent 4 hours at the e-Vet and left
      her there that afternoon. They got some test and sent her home, and
      she stayed with my vet Thursday, where she did pee and poop. She was
      home Friday in a table cage, and I found poop and a lot of pee Friday
      night - but then hadn't seen any more despite her eating and drinking
      well. Took her in today at noon. They were about to catheterize her
      because her bladder was distended when the floodgates opened. They
      will monitor her overnight. Not sure what is going on - radiologist
      will do an ultrasound tomorrow. Pretty sure it's not a bladder stone
      because there's no sign of crystals - so there's either some sort of
      tumor that they haven't seen - or a neurological issue that is causing
      the bladder and sphincter muscles to malfunction.


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