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30639prednisolone shortage

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  • devra
    Dec 31, 2013
      my cat is on cyclosporine & prednisolone for her autoimmune disease. the pill form of prednisolone is very hard if not impossible to get. my vet has to use a compounding pharmacy, and now, so do i. he said that once humans started taking prednisone instead, the demand went down for prednisolone & so did manufacturing, but now the demand is back up & supply is almost non existent, except in liquid form. he said cats do better on prednisolone because their liver may not convert the prednisone the way its suppose to. does anyone know of a place i can get the 'regular' prednisolone white tablets? i've searched online endlessly & cannot find it. it's difficult giving the liquid to my cat because it's 2.5 mls ( a lot for a cat to swallow) & the compounding ones don't seem to work. thnx
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