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30637Re: exploratory surgery on 16 year old female

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  • kaydenoconnell
    Dec 31, 2013
      Thank you for responding. Yes, they have done xrays, and blood work, and have found nothing definite. This morning, her abdomen is distended, and I can't lure her to even eat tuna. I trust my vet completely, he's taken her through a couple of earlier problems in her life. He isn't recommending the surgery, just presenting it an option. If there is an internal problem that might be corrected, that would be one option. She looks real uncomfortable today, didn't want to sit in my lap, and didn't make it to the bed to wake me up this morning. I think it's time to let her go, painful as it is, and take away her pain.

      --- In CatVet@yahoogroups.com, CatWoman <diana@...> wrote:
      > I'm assuming she had xrays? I would have an ultrasound done - something to see if there
      > are tumors; Also assume that bloodwork has been done, checking lymphocytes, eosynophils,
      > any other values that are out of whack?
      > I would not put her through surgery until all the tests have been done with a cat her
      > age. If they do find something and it looks operable - that's one thing. If they find
      > nothing, or if it is too extensive to make operating any use - then make her comfortable
      > until you have something more concrete, or it is her time...
      > dg
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