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30629Christmas Eve. Cat Issues

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  • krazyken1220
    Dec 27, 2013
      Well I thank everyone for all your advice and wise words and I fully understand the situation even more then before as I had another vet look at my cat yesterday (Thursday) and no lie she said she looks like one of those animals on the commercials that's how sick she looks but she also told me that she looks like she is having an adverse reaction to Convenia which is one of the injections they gave her last Saturday and before the shot the cat did not look this bad. So not knowing or ever hearing of this drug before I did my research and did not like what I found. I learned it is a fairly new drug used and not many pets have an adverse reaction but some do and they all seem to have the same symptoms. I mean they even have a facebook page and all with pictures which was pretty scary. I called the vet today that gave her the shots and told them I feel like I paid you 157.00 to basically kill my cat which is what I feel they did. Once Convenia is injected the animal has no way to get it out of it's system and is pretty much there for about a month from what I learned. I have come to learn that vets go into this business to help animals but it seems like it is about the money as nobody is willing to hel[p that could. You see all these commercials on tv and people abuse animals on the news all I need is for my cat to get better I can provide a warm loving home and everything else.
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