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30614Re: [CatVet] Re: Any cat behaviorists here ?

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  • CatWoman
    Sep 8 8:31 AM
      On 9/5/2013 4:20 PM, Donald wrote:
      > Females mark territory also at times, especially if they feel
      > threatened. That's why some pee in the house when there are more than
      > one female in the house. We've had that latter issue at one time.

      Definitely both males and females use urine for territorial
      marking. Probably happens more with the wild cats - but if
      the cats are related, it seems not to be as big an issue. I
      had one that would pee on the bed after I brought home the
      mother of the two boys I'd brought home 18 months earlier.

      I think it was not a reaction to a new female as much as *her*.
      She was a small cat, and the two boys thought she was fun to
      play with. Since she was already a dignified 4 years old, she
      disagreed - but didn't act out until she identified Gaia as
      the "cause" of the Horrid Grey Things.

      I suspect that a cat that is I/O is going to be more conscious
      of territory than indoor-only cats. I do know that with the
      colony the 3 mentioned above came from, there were about 5
      males (all but one fixed), who hung around together - but there
      was only one female in the colony at a time.

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