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30604Re: [CatVet] Sedative 10 second before Euthanizing?

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  • CatWoman
    Aug 14, 2013
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      (I sent this a while back - sorry for the delay in approving
      my own message!)

      This happened at a 24 hour clinic also.

      I thought it was the vet being a bit more callous than she
      needed to be - though I had to deal with the same vet a few
      hours later and she seemed very competent and compassionate
      at that time.

      This was a fairly young vet. Given your question, I have to
      wonder if the newer vets are being taught that you give a
      sedative first - but they are not being told *why*, so it is
      a "protocol" without an explanation.

      Good question. If I do see the other vet again, I'll ask -
      and explain that even if she doesn't see a need to wait, it
      is not coming across well to the client.

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