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30602Sedative 10 second before Euthanizing?

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  • josen2lrb
    Aug 13 3:21 PM
      I recently took my 15 years old male cat to the vet as he was very constipated. Turns out he was in the last stages of kidney diseases, and was so dehydrated (thought he drank tons of water) that no moisture was available for fecal elimination, hence the constipation. He was so stressed at being out that he kinda gave up. laid down and started panting. The doctor said he was dying. Though I am not sure about the dying part, the vet injected him with a sedative ($65) and ten second later gave my cat the injection that stopped his heart.

      I thought the vet was going to wait a few minutes for the sedative to take affect before euthanizing my cat. Why give a sedative for 10 seconds. I wonder if this was a way to 'pad' my bill to get $65 more dollars out of me. After all, I don't know what she actually injected in him, let alone if it helped and or was necessary. Am I wrong in seeing this with some suspicion?

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