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30598Re: Cat Peeing on Carpet and Couch

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  • groetzinger6
    Jul 25, 2013
      Hi there,
      I wanted to let you know, the kitty who is peeing on your couch=sounds to me like she is reacting to all the changes around her. Perhaps they miss their kitty siblings and is acting out. I have read that sometimes a UTI wont show up on bloodwork or urinalisis because the bacteria stay inside the bladder and imbedds itself into it. I have read that its recommended to do at least 2 week course of antibiodics just in case..otherwise are there strange kitties outside of your house? sometimes kibs pee when another cat tries to spook them from outside. have you ever watched the show "cat from hell" on animal planet? they often cover this very issue. one time they set up a camera and recorded a strange cat coming around outside right by the window and the female was spraying because she felt this cat was trying to mark the terrirory as hers..I am wondering if a stray is coming around and she sees it and gets nervous and animal instincts take over and they spray to mark whats theirs..I would try keeping the windows covered for a few days to make sure nothing outside can spook her...who knows could be that, could be she is picking up on your stress as well.

      hope you find out a solution!

      Tonda n honeybee

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