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30597Re: Please remove me from this group

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  • Donald
    Jul 24 4:29 PM
      I'm just a member, not a moderator, but there are directions on how to unsubscribe at the bottom of each message if your email client is able to display it.

      If not, you can do it at the group web site. Near the top under the Yahoo banner there is an "Edit Membership" link. Click on that and at the bottom of the next web page you see after clicking on it you will see on the right a button "Leave Group." That should work for you.

      If you liked the content of the group you could sign up under a different address than your regular inbox and then any messages from other members would not be in your regular inbox, just the one used for CatVet posts. Subscribe to the digest version and you will get very few total messages since each digest will have several inside it.

      I just found this by looking at the bottom of the digest version. \Send a message to:


      I don't think you need anything in the body of the message. That will unsubscribe you also.

      Just an FYI--group owners who set up the groups have to choose between letting members hide their email addresses (which I do in my groups) OR allowing polls to be had in these groups (which I can't have). The options are mutually exclusive and can't be changed once selected.

      One good thing is that people outside of the group membership won't see your address. But other members can. I rarely contact other members directly, but there are times when it seems best to contact them off-list and only then do I do that myself. I've never had a complaint yet about it but I am careful about when and how I do it since most people prefer to communicate through the group AND whatever is discussed might be appreciated by the other group members anyway.


      --- In CatVet@yahoogroups.com, Rachael Shaw <labhoundlover@...> wrote:
      > I wish to be removed from this group. I just received an email from an outside party about a post on this group in May. I do not appreciate that my emails and it email addresses can be accessed by other people. I am very upset!
      > Rachael Shaw
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