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Across the Room

What gets you across the room? What keeps you there? During the conference call the other night (mentioned in the last post), one of the questions asked was,
Apr 19, 2012

Testing sex games

I have a theory. Aww, fuuuuuck, DM. Another one? I can't take it anymore! Yeah, I'm whacking this shit out like a shadfly with an unquechable high, hard one
Apr 19, 2012

The Girl with the Bad Reputation in free sex games

Of course there would be downfalls of juiciness at an early age as for free sex games , there has to be a balance right? So by
Nov 25, 2011

She's a Screamer in free sex games

Juiciness at an early age does has its advantages as for free sex games. Because I was a free spirit from the start, being uninhibited was second nature. B,
Nov 25, 2011
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