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116Re: Film Course

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  • NINA
    Jan 26, 2006
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      Hi Sandy,

      Yes I started it last Wednesday Evening and it's called Hollywood
      Decades. It for 10 weeks and we look at five key films from five
      decades between the 1930s and 1970s.

      The first film shown was from the 1930s Screwball Comedies
      era "Bringing Up Baby" and last night the film and other's similar
      were discusses, compared with one another and looked at.

      The film from the 40s is "Out Of The Past, 50s "Singin In The Rain",
      60s "Five Easy Pieces" and 60s "The Parallax View".


      Nina, I didn't know you took a course on the movies that's awesome.
      Cary Grant was known for his screwball comedies. Which makes me
      laugh thinking of them. Did you know his first movie was with
      actress Mae West? I think that's true but not for sure.
      She kept putting him down during the making of that movie though.

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