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10973Jordon's shop in China and... Now... guide service :o)

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  • Bobbie
    May 20, 2012
      Below is an excerpt of an email from Jordon. He had a wonderful shop on Shamian Island in Guangzhou. Every time we traveled we made it a special point to go see Jordon and his smiling face. He is such an uplifting man and those of you who have met him can attest to that. He has a heart for those families adopting in China and has been very kind to everyone he has met. He may be known to you no by his name but by his kindness. He, free of charge, love painting and giving families their children's name written in Chinese with it's meanings. We have many children not adopted in China and when he learned of them he wrote their names as well for us. I can't say enough good things about him.

      Recently Jordon's store was taken away from him to make way for other businesses. He has tried to set up a website with the items he normally sells to adoptive families. I looked at his store website but I have most the things he is selling. After four trips... who wouldn't. LOL But what most impressed me was the idea of his services as a guide. He speaks good English and his charges are half what other good guides within Guangzhou charge.

      So I wanted to share a bit of his email with you and I hope if you are traveling or know of anyone traveling to China that you share this with them. We loved hiring a private guide while we were in Guangzhou as there were places we had heard about that we wanted to see that weren't on our itinerary to include places to shop. :o) Anyway, hope you find this information useful and that you get the pleasure of meeting Jordon on your next trip to China.
      Here are my contacts: JORDON'S PLACE
      Email: jordonlee86@...
      Products Website: http://www.aliexpress.com/fm-store/511754
      Mobile Phone: 18929506380
      Office: 中国广州市荔湾区南岸路荔港南湾G31栋2801房
      Room2801,G31Building,LiGangNanWan,Nan An Road,
      LiWan District,GuangZhou,P.R.CHINA
      You can check my products website,please help me to show my contacts to your friends,I need you to spread the word,when you are in guangzhou, you can shop in my office,because I have a showroom of the products in my office,
      When you are in guangzhou, I can be your guide,my charge is $5/hour, doesn't matter how many people in the family or in the group.I can show you the best to visit,to eat,,,,,,I won't get any profit except $5/hour.
      best wishes

      Please pass this information on to anyone who you think might be interested. 

      Wouldn't you like to say "I love you," to your baby in a language they understand?

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