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  • Bobbie
    Aug 17, 2011
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      Below is an advertisement for the CD I am selling. I have been getting very good reviews on it from families that are purchasing it. Sorry if the advertisement sounds a little monty hall as I am not really a sales person. But the CD is a great learning tool if you care to learn to speak to your baby or child before meeting them. :o)*
      So here goes... Waiting for that referral and want something worth while to do. How about learning some simple phrases to help ease the transistion for your new baby/child. *Chinese for the Adoptive Parent contains over 180 phrases that you will want to learn. From simple questions about needs like "Are you hungry?" to sharing feelings like "I love you" to identifying yourself, "We are your Mommy and Daddy," This tape/CD has it all. Each comes with a printed sheet of what is on the tape/CD with Romanized and Mandarin translations. Can you imagine anything  more comforting to your new baby during that transition time than to hear you speak familiar phrases to them. Tapes are 15.99 including shipping and handling, CD's are 20.99 includes shipping and handling. To learn more go to the website below.
      *copyright 2003
      HI. I am Bobbie Steve. I have seven adopted children. Three adopted from China. I created this CD to help adoptive parents learn to speak their new child's mother language they were used to hearing to comfort and console them during the transition to their new language. I also created it as a way to raise the money I was short for my adoption. Now that my adoption is complete I am now setting up a fund for grants and any monies earned above cost will go to help other families adopt from China. Grant monies will take some time to build up, but my hope is that I can do an annual grant given each year on the anniversary of our Chinese daughter's gotcha day, May 9, 2004. So check out the site and see what you think. It is a great way to pass the time while you wait and to help other families realize their adoption dreams.
      Bobbie Steve*
       Wouldn't you like to say "I love you," to your baby in a language they understand?
      http://www.chineseforadoptiveparents.com/RussianforAdoptiveParents.html for Russian
      http://www.chineseforadoptiveparents.com/ChinesefortheAdoptiveParent.html for Chinese.
      John & Bobbie - Jim 33, Misty 31, Kristy 29, Brandy 29, Elijah 9 USA, Katie 12 UA, Luke 8 RU, Ajia 6 China, Julia 13 RU, Samuel 6 China & Mathew 3 China, Maggie 5 in China(PA 8/25/09, DTC 11/20/09, LID 11/30/09, LOA 2/8/10)

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