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10963Re: Anyone go Carry on only for China adoption?

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  • Bill Benton
    Jul 11, 2011
      Judy and Kathy,

      We've been 5 times, number's 6/7 soon and gone cco each time.  Took all the family with us each time so they were a help with luggage.
      Go to the file section.  I believe there is a packing list there.  Keep in mind that the 3year old may want to walk about and wonder, then maybe not.  You will have to take care of him/herand luggage.  We used an umbrella stroller and gate check it each time.  Also, look for a small backpack for the child ,  We got one that was a monkey and strapped to our youngest, and had a strap to hold onto (monkeys tail)  so he could only go so far. We did have one piece of luggage that we checked.  It had non essentials and stuff for the orphanage.  It was a cheap piece and we left it there a couple of times, other times, we used it for dirty laundry from the last few days.  Oh, just remembered, all the Chinese airports have those luggage carts for free and very handy.


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