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10960Re: Anyone go Carry on only for China adoption?

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    May 31, 2011

      We're traveling on June 8 (a Wednesday) and will be returning on June 25 (three Saturdays later). We are seriously considering strictly carry on for our luggage. There will be three in our travel party -- my wife, myself, and our soon to be seven year old "big sister".

      We are taking tons of electronics (iPad, Macbook Pro, two pocket digital cameras, on SLR digital camera, an iPod, and a video camera plus all the cables it takes to recharge every battery and transfer video and still photos. Fortunately, we have done a "dry run" of our packing and we've discovered I can carry all the electronics plus our paperwork in my backpack. That leaves a carry-on for all my clothes. My wife will be packing the baby's things in her backpack and her clothes and other necessities in her carryon. Our daughter will be responsible for things to keep her occupied during the flight and downtime -- those items will be in her backpack. In her carryon, we will pack her clothes and the gifts we'll be taking to the adoption officials.

      The way I have it figured, I will be carrying two backpacks and at least two of the carry on bags -- and possibly all three until we are ready to board the plane. I guess three backpacks and three carry on bags will allow us more space than you might have. But, if I were traveling alone, I could definitely scale back on some of the electronics I'm taking. (I would leave at least one of the pocket cameras, the iPad, the iPod and the associated cables. I would carry gifts and baby items in my backpack along with the paperwork, leaving my carry on for my personal items and clothes.

      As a side note: this is not our first adoption trip to China. The first trip was not a carry on only trip! We carried more than we needed (both directions), and found ourselves amazed that another couple in our group arrived with only backpacks and a carry on bag for each. They are our inspiration as carry on only travelers for this trip!

      If you would like to follow along as we travel, our website address is:


      Best of luck when you travel!


      --- In CarryOnOnly@yahoogroups.com, "judyr" <judyr908@...> wrote:
      > Hello:
      > I will be traveling without my husband so I need to pack as light as I can. I want to go carryon but not sure if I can due to new rules about liquids? Our little girl is 2 and will closer to 2 1/2 by the time we go. I'm thinking we may travel in September? Any tips or advice?
      > Judy
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