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1122Giuseppe Giambanco who married Ninfa Gambino abt 1719 Carini

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  • James Bianco
    Jul 7, 2008
      For those of us who have this couple as ancestors it has been a
      constant struggle to determine their parentage. Their marriage does
      not appear in the registers of Carini, although every single one of
      their children is found baptized in the town.

      Two new and exiting developments!!

      1st of all, it has been established through the baptisms of their
      children that Giuseppe was the brother of an Onofrio Giambanco. He
      (Giuseppe) is also most likely the son of a Francesco Giambanco and
      Agata, based upon the relatively standard Sicilian naming pattern.
      That is to say the first born son is named for the Paternal
      Grandfather and the first daughter after the Paternal Grandmother.
      Imagine how exiting it is when we discover A Francesco Giambanco
      married 29 July 1675 Agata Randazzo and had (among others) two sons
      named Giuseppe (baptised Aug 3, 1693) and Onofrio (baptised 21 May 1678).

      Now on to Ninfa Gambino!

      I just tonight discovered a Baptism for Caterina Ninfa Mannino,
      baptized 16 January 1728, the daughter of Santo Mannino & his wife
      Teresa Abitabile. The godparents? Giuseppe Giambanco and Ninfa , his
      wife, the daughter of the deceased Giovanni Battista Gambino!!!

      Here is the image: (Upper left corner)

      On February 15, 1689 we discover the Baptism of Nicolo Antonino
      Gambino, son of Giovanni Battista Gambino and his wife Anna, recent
      immigrants to the town from Torretta!

      here is the image: (bottom right)


      Many of The Carini Gambino came from Torretta, some earlier than others.

      Just remember, when you have trouble finding a marriage, try skimming
      the baptisms for the period the bride would have been already married,
      and look at the godmother's names, it is likely you will find her and
      her husband appearing as godparents, and there will possibly be a
      mention of her father.

      My cousin Michel told me of the value of recording godparents, and he
      was certainly correct!