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Re: [CF] a potentially deadly aspect of obtaining a driver's license

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  • Gene Edinger
    ... getting ... them will ... ones who ... ID. Let ... that I ... to die ... state ... It has occurred to me that as we must now be prepared to show our
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 31, 2003
      --- In CarFree@yahoogroups.com, RIIN GILL <riin@u...> wrote:
      > The article contradicts itself. It says it would be linked to
      > both a driver's license and a state ID, but then it says 95% of
      them will
      > be registered because they want to drive. Well, what about the
      ones who
      > don't want to drive? If you don't want to drive, you still need
      ID. Let
      > the oil guzzlers go fight for the oil, if anyone's going to (not
      that I
      > think anyone should). Why should people who don't even drive have
      to die
      > for it? They should just link it to a driver's license, not to a
      > ID. Maybe fewer people would drive.

      It has occurred to me that as we must now be prepared to "show our
      papers, please" that a reasonable alternative exists to a state
      issued ID card tied to the draft. Why not just obtain a US
      Passport? At least, that's not tied to draft registration (yet).

      BTW, the US military forces are now involuntarily extending
      enlistments -- this resulting from the lack of enthusiasm by many
      young people to enlist and die for Halliburton et al. I won't be
      too surprised if there isn't a draft of young men *and* woman in
      early 2005.

      Just my $.02,
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