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ironic "transit services", bus pass costs, etc

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  • De Clarke
    ... ouch! that s a painful irony. I had a somewhat related disappointment on Big Island (Hawai i) a few years ago when I saw what appeared to be a regular bus
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      Dan Korn (dkorn@...) wrote:
      > "Jennings" <e.jennings@...>:
      > But this isn't a service of the local public transportation system, the
      > Chicago Transit Authority. It's a private service run by the casinos in
      > Indiana, shuttling people back and forth from the city to gamble their
      > meager savings away.

      ouch! that's a painful irony.

      I had a somewhat related disappointment on Big Island (Hawai'i) a few
      years ago when I saw what appeared to be a regular bus service working
      the Kona Coast, with fairly frequent headways and quite a lot of riders.
      I was impressed -- until finding out that these buses were privately run
      by the big hotels to bus in (and out again) their low-wage local labour.

      oh well.

      the real public transit on Big Island (the "Hele-on" iirc) was not bad 20
      years ago, but now offers very sparse service. last time I was there
      the island was full of SUVs... not just turistas renting 'em, but locals
      driving 'em as well. oh well again.

      was in SF for a day this weekend and as always it was a pleasure to ride
      a transit system that more or less works. for a buck (soon to go up to
      a buck and a quarter) you can ride all over the Muni for a couple of hours
      (any number of transfers) and for a buck and a half you can make a quick
      zap across the City by Bart. the new BART station at Millbrae is open
      for business, connecting the Caltrain to SF Airport and the rest of the
      BART system. once the Caltrain gets running normally again next spring
      (after track upgrades -- replacing all the old tarred wooden ties with
      cast concrete ones) service on the corridor will be pretty decent --
      lousy compared to Germany or France or Japan, of course, but pretty decent
      for the US. I sure wish all that American flag-waving patriotism and
      pride-of-country we've been hearing so much about lately, could be redirected
      from superior machinery for killing people, into superior machinery for
      moving people around efficiently and in comfort/safety. imagine if all
      the ego and pride of America were invested in the world's best intercity
      (and in-city) transit systems... what wonders we might see.

      I should note that in my little town where bus service is so-so, a day
      pass now costs $4.50. talk about motivating people not to use the metro!


      I'm eagerly awaiting some more contributions to the "Post-Oil Future"
      theme :-) my own future scenario started with agricultural changes, so
      I'm having a couple of organic farming friends go over my ideas for a
      reality check before sharing them more widely...

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