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Re: [CF] Pedicabs

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  • Greg F
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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2001
      > >What I want to ask is haven't i heard about a pedicabs appearing in
      > >the UK in recent years? Was it London or some other UK city? Or
      > >anywhere in the USA.
      > In Portland, Oregon, down at RiverPlace, I have seen some pedicabs in the
      > summertime. They seemed to be doing good business giving people little
      > tours of downtown.
      Same thing here in San Diego, there are actually 2 larger companies and a
      couple of independents. They work the Downtown area and give tours, the
      balboa park area as parking shuttles, and special events throughout the
      year. Most of the larger companies the flat fare goes to the company and
      the driver works for tips. Talking to one of the guys he nets about double
      what I do at the bike shop, but is an 'independent contractor' thus no
      benefits, workers comp, medical, 401k or the like. If it was not for that
      key point I would be tempted to be a pedicab driver.


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