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My run-in with Josh Fox, producer of "Gasland"

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  • Tom Frost Jr.
    Check out the movie Gasland http://www.gaslandthemovie.com which will premier on HBO on June 21. Dimock, Pa. - the ruining, by Cabot O&G, of the groundwater
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 16, 2010
      Check out the movie "Gasland" http://www.gaslandthemovie.com which
      will premier on HBO on June 21.

      Dimock, Pa. - the ruining, by Cabot O&G, of the groundwater of which
      is a major one of the stories in the movie - is only 20 miles west of

      Notice that I make it a point to mention the particular company.
      That's because, contrary to Mr. Fox's bias (epitomized by the fact
      that - as he _motors_ all over the country throughout the movie! - his
      theme is that the "companies" will ruin your groundwater every time),
      the risk, at least in the geology of Susquehanna County, of
      groundwater being ruined by drilling/fracing appears, so far, to be
      reasonably miniscule as long as the company doing the drilling/fracing
      is almost anybody except Cabot.

      I attended the two nearest-to-me pre-screenings of the movie -
      Montrose, Pa. last week and Binghamton, N.Y. earlier this week. At the
      Binghamton one I finally piped up to address Mr. Fox's bias. The most
      entertaining aspect of what happened next was that although Mr. Fox
      presents himself as the least likely person to ever sign a gas lease,
      I tricked him into signing what is arguably a gas lease (at least for
      15 minutes)!

      Below is an unedited transcript of the admittedly-only-first-draft
      document that I hand-scribbled just before the Binghamton screening of
      "Gasland" and presented to the audience there near the end of the

      I laughed all the way home about how I'd had Josh Fox's signature on
      it for a whole 15 minutes or thereabouts, which was how long it took
      for it to dawn on him that it smacks a little bit of a gas lease, at
      which point he rescinded his signature. People, watch what you sign!
      But seriously, with this preliminary of a document and with me having
      been the one who cooked it up, you need not worry, because one of the
      things that I wanted to make more clear is that it's 100% non-binding
      (nor do we want your money yet) until after the necessary bunch of
      details get discussed between all of the signers of it. One of the
      places for this discussion will be http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MarcellusShalePlayersAgainstCabot

      - Tom Frost Jr.

      Marcellus Shale Players Against Cabot Bid-Against-Cabot Lease-Offer
      Project Participation Pledge Sheet

      I, the undersigned, hereby pledge to participate, to the tune of
      the amount of the box that I've checked below, in making a mineral-
      rights lease offer of $10. per 1/64" slice of the leasehold, to a
      landowner in Susquehanna County whom Marcellus Shale Players Against
      Cabot deems to be otherwise about to sign with Cabot. I understand
      that the fine print of the offer that I'm participating in will be
      made available for discussion by all signers of this pledge sheet
      during the formulation of said fine print, but that the lease won't be
      anti-drilling; rather it will only be anti-Cabot-drilling.

      Name, address & e-mail Donation amount & width of
      slice that it will
      keep Cabot's
      horizontal drill bit away from

      1/32" 1/16" 1" 1'
      $20. $40. $640. $7,680.


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