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Will we ever achieve our Velotopian Xmas?

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  • Jym Dyer
    =v= As a wise man once said (and I m paraphrasing), We don t want people to be robbing banks, but when they *do* rob banks, we want them to be using a bike as
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2009
      =v= As a wise man once said (and I'm paraphrasing), We don't
      want people to be robbing banks, but when they *do* rob banks,
      we want them to be using a bike as a getaway car.

      =v= If you track bicycle news with any of the online news alert
      services, you might think this dream has become reality. News
      is skewed towards crime coverage, so you quickly find out about
      every bicycle-borne robbery in the world. Sadly, we're still
      behind, because getaway cars are so much the norm that they're
      just not considered worthy of special mention.

      =v= Today's batch of news alerts had what at first appeared to
      be a heartwarming holiday tale (see below), but which turned out
      upon reading to be about just another chump using a motor, which
      turned out to be his undoing. Oh well, at least he was carfree.


      Christmas tree thief tries to make off on bicycle
      Chicago Sun-Times (from the Gary Post-Tribune) | 05-Dec-2009

      O Christmas tree, why is it so hard to ride a bike while
      balancing you across my handlebars?

      A Portage, Ind. man was busted Friday after he allegedly ripped
      off a tree from a northern Indiana tree lot -- and then tried
      to make his escape on a bicycle equipped with a homemade motor.

      But police heard the motor and went to check it out -- when they
      saw the man weaving on the street while trying to ride with the
      tree propped on his handlebars.

      Police said Phillip Menefee, 48, first claimed he bought the
      tree -- which still had a $40 price tag attached -- from the
      closed tree lot, but then claimed he bought it from the nearby
      Sunset Lounge. Turns out the only thing he had bought from
      the bar was booze, police said.

      Menefee was arrested and charged with theft and public
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