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Re: [CF] Re: Bicyclists' Rights Triad

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  • LS
    I agree with sail4free s thoughts on your idiotic approach. Your arrogant reply proves to all your ignorance. Cars are not our problem as long as narrow minded
    Message 1 of 33 , Jan 8, 2009
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      I agree with sail4free's thoughts on your idiotic approach. Your arrogant reply proves to all your ignorance.

      Cars are not our problem as long as narrow minded individuals pervade our group.

      Cars are a part of our culture we must accept this. We don't have to own one or even drive one but be sure of this they will remain a part of our daily lives whether we like it or not. The propulsion systems will change over time, small minds will shrivel and disappear as I hope your inane posts will TF.

      Your time would be better spent on getting better bike lanes and trails built, rather than fighting the establishment.
      --- On Thu, 1/8/09, Tom Frost Jr. <tomfrostjr@...> wrote:
      From: Tom Frost Jr. <tomfrostjr@...>
      Subject: [CF] Re: Bicyclists' Rights Triad
      To: CarFree@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Thursday, January 8, 2009, 9:38 PM

      Here's your punishment for for not appreciating the Triad's

      succinct, one-page approach: Go read all

      several-hundred- or-whatever- it-is pages of

      http://www.JohnFore ster.com , and then the next time you pipe

      up in a Tom Frost thread, be unleashing a report on what you


      - TF

      --- On the more-carfree- than-you- or-me list, sail4free

      <sail4free@. ..> wrote:


      > ==========

      > I just gotta' tell ya' -- as a fellow cyclist -- one with an infinitely

      more FREE spirit -- one who couldn't be paid enough to give one

      twit about your "triad" -- your meticulously structured

      preoccupation with minutiae and trivia which I can't imagine

      anyone (besides you) cares about must be the worst kind of

      obsession: one which bears no fruit for anyone . . . ever.

      > ==========

      > There is nothing about your description of this "triadal"

      nonsense which makes me want to learn more about it OR be a

      part of it on any level. Quite the contrary -- I'm even more

      motivated to avoid it than I was before. All to say the slickest

      promotion in the world would be no more than trying to make a

      silk purse from a sow's ear. For every one of us, there are a

      kazillion motorists with the money, political will, and resources to

      insure their interests will easily prevail for the forseeable future.

      As cyclists, we are a TINY percentage of the population -- well

      under 1% here in the US. We will NEVER be considered "equal"

      to motorists . . . N-E-V-E-R. As one who advocates that others

      should "deal with it", perhaps YOU should deal with THAT reality.

      Once you get past your denial, perhaps we can discuss the next


      > ==========

      > It's too bad your passion can't be switched to a more

      productive cause -- or even one that is measurably productive at

      all. How about making cycling more attractive so that others will

      be attracted to it? Who is going to wait in line behind 20 stupid

      cars when he can zip around them and be on his way? Why even

      TRY to pretend we are something we are not? Motorized vehicles

      rule the world -- and they have since the day they could

      effortlessly outrun us. Instead of wasting your time trying to be

      like them (when you're oh-so-obviously NOT), why not carve out

      our OWN reality where we can easily and effortlessly

      outmaneuver THEM (especially in heavy traffic) and take our

      delights there -- along with our enhanced health and all the rest?

      Screw cars! I want to be NOTHING like them! I'm certainly not

      going to pretend to be one of them until they decide to accept me

      as one of their own. I'm anti-war for any reason, but I'd sooner

      participate in a WAR -- us

      > against them -- any day. Are THEIR rules so superior that we

      must bow down to what suits them or perish? I hardly think so.

      Not in this life.

      > ==========

      > sail4free

      > ==========

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    • shiftgood2
      ... bumper. ... car-free, ... booby-hatch by car loving bums who said I merely had: Car Phobia , and so were other darn good brothers...(for more old war
      Message 33 of 33 , Jan 24, 2009
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        --- In CarFree@yahoogroups.com, Whitney Turner <wturner@...> wrote:
        > At 06:51 PM 1/19/2009, Cuthbert J. Twillie wrote:
        > >It is the same type of madness that comes from too much meat-eating..
        > >Paranoid schizophrenia Is the term.
        > Oooo.... Must stop eating our animal friends!
        > Can we get back on Planet CarFree now, PLEASE!
        > Sheesh... No *wonder* folks leave this list.
        > ******
        >Good point, someone had to say it. The tendency is that people are
        >leaving the good ol CarFree forum. And yes, here is comes....MY idea
        >is a copy of the Famous Dr. Martin L. King Jr.'s idea of investing
        >some of one's or a groups victories in other sources. It doen't take
        >much to see that a movment in the 60's, including the Jeusus Movement
        >didn't succeed except for the Black Movement (givin that I was around .
        >at that time.) I believe that in Tampa we are growing in a NON-Fast
        >pedestrian, bicycle,mass-transit and "I go 44mph or less on one's
        > movement. Granted, the "I do 44mph or less on one's bumper" is not
        >it also goes without saying that it is these fast vehicles that put
        >out all this pain upon the latter- Hence: THE ENEMY.*
        >But in all of our victories in the bicycle movement sense 1983, for me,
        >I have invested some of my human energy, and, yes, I was put in the
        booby-hatch by car loving bums who said I merely had: "Car Phobia", and
        so were other darn good brothers...(for more old war stories see
        documents titled: Bragadocious Habits of old Men), but Dr. King won.
        >and how did he win? Well, He had reserve energy that would, according
        >today's knowledge of the science of religion, (now no rock throwing
        please. Porfessor Frank Tipler, Dr. Austin et al., Dr. Charma, Dr.
        Farber disappearing proof, Artificial-Lie as a means to accompoish
        miracles Drs. Profs. R.J. Jahnn and Dumnne; Princeton U. et al.) went
        to an allegedly Higher Power, BUT came back again later in the future.
        This, I believe, and it works, is how I believe, with the fact that
        many blacks then had a Higher Power, is how the blacks achieved
        ultimate victory. OK! There...now you can throw rocks, but lets
        >not Loose this darn war. It means an INFINATELY better world!!!!

        * And we beat the pain that others cannot not with just prayers, (no
        freeky geeky, but with Dr. Reich's cotton and steel wool with John
        Schiffer's "unknown fear" in those cotton and steel wool layers, then
        THE ENEMY we bless with good loving just as much as we hit them.
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