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Re: Car Wars

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  • shiftgood2
    ... sided carpet tape so I pedaled on down to our local hardware store. I ve been trying to practice these new guidelines I learned for cycling safety . . .
    Message 1 of 61 , Sep 30, 2008
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      --- In CarFree@yahoogroups.com, sail4free <sail4free@...> wrote:
      > ==========
      > I was out on a parts run at work today. I needed two rolls of two-
      sided carpet tape so I pedaled on down to our local hardware store.
      I've been trying to practice these new guidelines I learned for
      cycling safety . . .
      > http://www.bikexprt.com/streetsmarts/usa/chapter2a.htm
      > and one of 'em says if there is no designated bike lane -- no
      shoulder either -- and the lanes are narrow, that one should occupy
      the right one-third of the right lane and cars can either slow down
      or change lanes and go around. So that is a description of my road at
      the time and I was practicing holding my line -- which ends up being
      smack down the middle of where the right-side wheels of cars usually
      > ==========
      > Suddenly a mid-sized white SUV appears -- just an inch, maybe two
      off the left end of my handlebar. I hold my line, look over, and he's
      wildly motioning me to the side of the road. I would've given him a
      finger wave of my own but my left hand was holding two small boxes of
      carpet tape . . . and I need my right hand ON the handlebar to steer
      and brake. So he's pacing me for a short while -- not budging a click
      and me holding my line -- and then he starts inching over . . .
      crowding me closer to the side of the road. This pisses me off so I
      reach over and smack my little boxes of carpet tape into his
      passenger side window. Predictably ('violence' always begets MORE
      violence), he speeds up, noses his rig to the curb and comes to
      screaching halt. Of course, now I have to stop too. With his window
      still rolled up and adrenaline cursing through my veins, I not-so-
      nicely -- and LOUDLY -- explain that I have just as much right to be
      on the flippin' road as he
      > does! Surprisingly enough, he agrees -- but over THERE(!) as he
      motions wildly to the side of the road again. We exchange a few more
      subtle niceties as I'm visualizing the loaded Mack truck that's
      surely about to crush his buttmunch into oblivion and finally he
      figures out he's probably not going to teach me anything on such
      short notice; throws his rig in reverse, and then goes flying off
      down the road.
      > ==========
      > Yes, I had a pen and paper. No, I did NOT get his license plate
      number but NEXT time I will (for all the good it might do me . . . my
      faith in official problem "solving" drained into the gutter decades
      ago). In situations like this, I don't know if I trust myself to be
      armed -- not with anything that shoots bullets, that is. So I'm
      thinking how about one of those long-handled wooden croquet clubs? If
      he's using his car as a weapon, what do I get to use to defend
      > ==========
      > sail4free
      > ==========
      > Dear Brother Sail,
      It is good to hear you share this experience, as it is one that
      needs addressing infinately. I will say a lot here? No..., only, as
      a Bible believing, (no freeky geeky with the Bible believing part),
      religous person there are many ways. This agression is going to
      happen. Even if you shoot them all, more will come up out of a
      Quantum World...so shooting is out. Hitting the guys car is ok, but
      you can always expect the driver to "hit" back. If you hit two young
      drivers, where one watches the car and the other will proceed to
      chase you with a baseball bat. Then you gotta cry loudly God help
      me....seriously. Try to take down the licence plate number as you
      have in the past, BUT! THE MORE FAITH YOU HAVE in the non-violent
      way, the better off you will be and see justice as we have to win.
      When I get about 10 licence plates (about a months worth) I turn them
      into the police. If the police don't act...and most time they truly
      can- don't worry. Get a CAMERA and take thir picture, However, in
      all life and death situations- don't take a picture of them if there
      are two in the car, or they look like they can run fast. I mean it.
      The camera distroys them, and they could distroy you. Again, never
      take the picture if two of them are in the vehicle, and not if they
      can run for you. OK? ok. I have taken many pictures of them and got
      justice but one time there were two of them and they almost hit me
      with a club. The pictures will bring back your respect when you
      accedently-on-purpose forget them at a bus stop with a quarter taped
      on it for a broters eye. Remember, do not do this if there is any
      danger of these guy chasing you at all. They know unconsciously they
      are going to die according to highway statistics and the camera hurts
      them as much and more then they hurt you. Praise God and the police
      that taught me about the power of the camera, again, no offence to
      others' Higher Power. Meek wins. (Oh. No night pictures either, that
      is just as dangerous.
    • LS
      Sailfree, You are breaking the law! You are giving all cyclists a bad name, You are proving nothing to anyone. You deserve a violation ticket from a cop. By
      Message 61 of 61 , Jan 3, 2009
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        You are breaking the law! You are giving all cyclists a bad name, You are proving nothing to anyone. You deserve a violation ticket from a cop.

        By the way there are some instances I have been on sidewalks and going the wrong way in a bike lane and I realize it. I give the vehicle the right of way in the most friendly way as possible.

        I guess a 200lb bike and rider is a match for a 1or 2 ton vehicle right?

        --- On Sat, 1/3/09, John A. Ardelli <gelfling@...> wrote:
        From: John A. Ardelli <gelfling@...>
        Subject: Re: [CF] Overtaking and speed
        To: CarFree@yahoogroups.com
        Date: Saturday, January 3, 2009, 9:19 AM

        On Oct 11, 2008, at 1:44 PM, sail4free wrote:

        > One of my favorite things (when going the "wrong" way -- in a bike

        > lane or on a sidewalk -- is to catch some bonehead preparing to pull

        > out of a driveway or alley. Of course he/she is looking ONLY at the

        > direction of oncoming traffic (waiting for their first little break to

        > dart into the flow) and NOT looking my way at all. I could easily

        > maneuver around behind them and be on my way, but it's more fun to

        > come to a complete stop and just STARE at that portion of their head

        > where there eyes would be if they cared enough to check for

        > pedestrians or cyclists . . .

        Sidewalks aren't meant for high speed traffic; traffic flows on the

        right. These two rules are meant to simplify traffic interaction so

        the driver of a vehicle doesn't HAVE to check in as many directions;

        reducing the area a driver needs to check, in turn, simplifies the

        merging maneuver making conflicts and collisions less likely.

        As far as I'm concerned, a cyclist should not be traveling against

        traffic on OR OFF the sidewalk. If you ever encounter me and do what

        you describe above, you'd better hope I don't notice you there or

        you'll get an earful about traffic safety (the last cyclist, who had a

        mild collision with me doing this, got one).

        John A. Ardelli

        http://pedalingprin ce.blogspot. com

        http://health. groups.yahoo. com/group/ vofv/

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