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Save a Cyclist!

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  • John A. Ardelli
    For those of you out there who care about cyclists and cycling, I need your help. This story is about my former second life partner Riin Gill. If you re
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2007
      For those of you out there who care about cyclists and cycling, I need
      your help.

      This story is about my former second life partner Riin Gill. If you're
      reading this, that means that you either:

      1. Are on one of the cycling/carfree groups Riin was once a member of,
      2. Know me personally,
      3. Know Riin personally,
      4. Posted a comment to Riin's Rants (her blog), in the past or
      5. Have a blog/podcast that Riin reads/listens to regularly.

      Riin used to be an avid cyclist. However, since breaking up with me in
      March, she's given up on cycling. On her "100 Things About Me" section
      on her blog, she says, "Cycling was having some unpleasant associations
      for me (aside from having people honk, yell, and swear at me several
      times per trip), and I just [don]’t need it." Unfortunately, based on
      what she's said on her blog, most of those "unpleasant associations"
      are apparently my fault. :(

      In my opinion, the cycling community can't afford to lose people like
      Riin Gill.

      Riin has been almost solely responsible for the preservation of the
      work of cycling advocate Ken Kifer after his senseless death at the
      hands of a drunk driver in 2003. Most notably, she took on the
      responsibility of preserving and maintaining Ken's website. Ken's Bike
      Pages have been one of the most famous online resources for cycling
      advice, known worldwide. Even the club manual for Velo Cape Breton, my
      local cycling club, makes reference to these pages and their useful
      no-nonsense advice.

      Riin was also involved in many cycling advocacy efforts, most notably
      providing important safety data on door zone collisions to the Ann
      Arbor Bicycle Coordinating Committee when they had plans to build bike
      lanes that would encourage cyclists to ride too close to parked cars.
      Her own bike pages, though not as extensive as Ken's, remain a
      wonderful primer for the beginner.

      We are losing a major force in the cycling community. Granted, she has
      the right to leave cycling if she wishes but, in turn, we as cyclists
      also have a right to fight for her to stay. I believe a fight to
      regain such a valuable member of the cycling cause is well worth the

      That's why I'm writing to you today. I believe something has to be
      done to get Riin back on that saddle. I wish I could reach her myself
      but, unfortunately, Riin totally ignores me since our breakup. She
      won't listen to me. However, a vast majority of you reading this now
      are people who Riin respects and will listen to.

      Let's remind her of how much she used to love cycling. Let's remind
      her of the joy it brought her. Let's not let her throw it away only
      because of those few unfortunate people who yell at her when she's out
      on the road, or because of my misguided attempts to "improve" her
      cycling (that's one of my greatest regrets :(). Let's show Riin that
      the cyclists out there still love her. Let's not let her give up.
      Let's remind her that the cycling community needs her, and others like

      You can reach her through her blog:


      There's an E-mail link at the right, just under the link to "100 Things
      About Me."

      People like her help us change the world... one person at a time.

      John A. Ardelli
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