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CarFree Testimonials

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    On this good list renegadebuddhacoach shared with us a short piece yesterday Reflections of one year Carfree . His essay (maybe Part I of it?) makes a good,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2001
      On this good list renegadebuddhacoach shared with us a short piece yesterday
      "Reflections of one year Carfree". His essay (maybe Part I of it?) makes a
      good, thought provoking read, and thinking that he is not the only one of
      this site who has made such a decision and lived with it for at least a
      year, I would like to float the following idea here.

      As at least some of you know, April 19th of this new year is going to be
      Earth Car Free Day , and in support of this a group of us have developed a
      fast growing website which you can find at www.carfreeday.com. If you go to
      that site, you'll see that there is the beginning of a section entitled
      "CarFree Testimonials" (you'll see it under "Hands-on Experience"). The
      first entry there is a short essay by Chris Bradshaw in which has tells his
      story in what strikes us as a well reasoned, very human, interesting and
      helpful way. I read his story and I can almost see Chris. And as a
      car/owner driver, I am encouraged by the way he has put his own story to ask
      myself some of those same questions. It's like this, exchange by exchange,
      thought by thought, act by act, that we gradually create the base for a
      sustainable transportation system, sustainable lives and a sustainable

      We'd like to invite further submittals under this heading, aiming for
      something on the order of the 1000 words that Chris has managed in his
      piece, and bearing in mind that we want our stories to bring others on
      board. We may not be able to add them all to the site in their original
      form, but I certainly think they will be interesting and inspiring if there
      are shared with the others here on CarFree.Com. And we certainly won't post
      anything from you without your full approval of the form in which it

      Let us know.

      With all good wishes,

      Eric Britton

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