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Re: [CF] One generation's Antarctic legacy no better than another's

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  • Bling Williams
    Not being judgemental here...but maybe you shouldn t have gone? If I cant get there by bicycle or PT I don t go. Even to things I d love to go too. Although
    Message 1 of 31 , May 1, 2006
      Not being judgemental here...but maybe you shouldn't have gone? If I cant get there by bicycle or PT I don't go. Even to things I'd love to go too.
      Although sometimes \I wonder if missing out on stuff or being inconvenienced is making any difference at all. Maybe I should just go and enjoy myself because 'One Less Car' doesn't help anything :-(


      Chris Jordan <eco_milage_buster_2005@...> wrote:
      I am guilty of that. Not exactly an Earth Day
      celebration, but a velomobile gathering was held on
      Earth Day. About 400 miles of jammed highway 101 in a
      rental van to a wonderful event of "like minds" and
      seeing vehicles I had only seen on-line (as others
      have seen mine) was a terrific gathering, but passing
      $3.00 a gallon gas signs all the way made it painfully
      obvious to me that many people are in a huge state of

      That event was a first, and because the main Santa
      Cruz cycle events left my town (Mayors cross-country
      ride no longer ends here, the Sea Otter Classic left,
      the California State ride detours S.C) ; my passion of
      human power vehicles led me to pollute-mobile status.

      Chris Jordan

      --- Jim <jdsears669@...> wrote:

      > You wouldn't believe the amount of people that drive
      > to the Earth Day
      > Celebration every year in San Diego. They just
      > don't get it !!!
      > Jim

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    • whistling_lass
      Message 31 of 31 , May 3, 2006
        --- In CarFree@yahoogroups.com, "David Hansen" <davidh@...> wrote:

        << Parts of the USA have far better provision for taking non-folding
        bikes on buses than the UK, if that is a problem could you campaign
        for such racks to be fitted? Could you get a folder? >>

        Our buses have racks on them that carry two bikes, and if they are
        full you can even take your bike inside if there aren't any people in
        the wheelchair bays (but that's at the driver's discretion, and some
        are assholes about it). I just saw a sign that they will be upgrading
        the racks to accomodate three bikes.

        No, it's a fear issue. I get out late at night and part of my trip is
        a windy country road with a bit of gravel on the side and a drop-off
        that people drive fast on, and the other part of my trip is the bike
        trail where there are no cars, but it's not lit, there are trees
        bordering it on both sides, and I just don't feel safe.

        It's possible that I could alter my trip and take only well-lit roads
        with bike lanes. I'll have to scout out the area more.

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